Monday, May 2, 2011

plague excuses....and late ROW 80

sore throat, stuffy ears, aches, low fever. Body that feels like it took up kick-boxing, as the target - without telling me.

ceding round one to the bug

I'd, of course, meant to post a happy update yesterday but was just too out of it. I was even going to toss in the amazing mixed-green - blackberry - goat cheese salad recipe that was utterly devoured at Easter. In retrospect i should have asked my husband to make it for me (it's really not that hard). It might have cured me.

In my subconcious psychic way, I did manage to make a batch of lemon-chicken soup (i really should leave all the typo's in here for your amusement...) when I was in stronger form on saturday, that's all I really ate yesterday.

Friday was a busy day - parent involvement day at school and...i really don't remember the rest of it. Saturday morning was early errands and then baseball pics for our son.

I blame all of my woes on skipping our daughter's nap. Don't, under any circumstances, skip the naps of a 3 year old unless you want to be disturbed - at length - about 12 times at least, in the same night. And if this should happen, don't for the love of little green apples, allow it to happen twice in the same week.

And if you've learned nothing from this, well, don't be surprised if you come down with the plague. You have no one to blame but you.

come back Wednesday for a post recovery post. things (er, this thing. me.) will be more human by then. I'm still grinning about the events of last week so I'm hoping if I can get today rolling, I can jump into the WIP for my 30 today. I'm actually sort of missing those psycho m.c.'s. And excited to start rolling in the backstories I've been developing over the last two weeks. i've made good use of long-hand writing at odd moments, but I need to start tying it all together.

later, my friends. I promise to have it make more sense....later.


p.s. I'm not even going to mention how many tries it took to spell wednesday, above.


  1. I saw your comment on my blog. Ducks are a big deal! My daughter thinks ducks are much more important than blogs too! Cheers!

  2. :-)

    Yep. Daughters are smart. Ducks are quite important, though I wish these drakes would find nice girls and settle down. I worry about them...

    I'll be thrilled to dive further into your blog when time allows though - very nice to meetcha! I feel I have more than a few questions for you already :-)

  3. Oh my. Your blog just made me hungry. Those soup and salad recipes sound wonderful. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  4. Heya Vicki - promise to post them soon - the aches are almost gone, as is my voice!! so maybe I'll get more 'doing' done tomorrow, and less talking!

    thanks for the kind wishes, and for stopping by! I hope your family has recovered from the storms :-)