Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MN Rep. House Leader Matt Dean VS. Neil Gaiman - Pencil-Necked Weasel

City Pages: Neil Gaiman vs. Matt Dean

I'm posting a link to the Twin Cities' 'City Pages' newspaper, where noted, and local, author Mr. Gaiman responds, at humorous length, to being called, during a legislative session (!), a 'pencil necked weasel'. Oops, and a thief too. Long article, worth reading. It raises some questions for me:
Why does House Republican leader Dean think Mr. Gaiman shouldn't be paid for work?
Why does House Republican leader think that name calling and personal attacks belong in the legislative process?
Why did he only apologize for calling Mr. Gaiman a pencil neck, and not a thief?
Why did he call Mr. Gaiman a thief who should have given the speaking fee to charity when, er, he did?
Why does he think that hacking library funding is ultimately a good thing?

As readers, writers, tax-payers, and people who care about the state of Art in our country, give this article a serious read-through. See how your legislators compare to ours!

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