Sunday, May 29, 2011

where does the time go??? (and ROW 80 - such as it is...)

Well, friends, and strangers alike, it's been awhile :-)

I've mentioned before, I think, that travel is hell on my routines. Two weeks ago, we returned from travel up north, and I've not been on the same track since. The good thing is that the busy IS productive. My goals for writing were simple - 30 min/day, 5 week. Poetry time, family time on the weekends.

SHOT. ALL OF them.

So, what's been Really happening?

Saturday - four hours sketching and painting at the Landscape Arboretum
Friday - Science museum with the kids And Jon
Thursday - zoo day with my daughter, dinner (presumably)
Wednesday - did portfolio pages for my son's teacher for 2 hours after the kids went to bed. And did laundry like mad the rest of the day, so all our winter gear would be clean for summer storing.
Tuesday - Further laundering of Winter gear (you have no idea how much gear a family of four can have unless you live in the north!)and prepping a donation
Monday - No idea.
Sunday - dinner at with our Godson and his family (my husband's brother's bunch) for the baptismal birthday.

I'm frankly feeling inundated by the amount of gear to shift in our house - too many toys the kids have grown out of are taking up needed space in our storage bins and they have Got to Go. Because when the downstairs play area is too full of stuff, the upstairs starts getting full of stuff and that is No Good. Try concentrating on writing when dinosaurs and Pokemon toys are staring you down. And then remembering that they are doing that because they are HOMELESS!!

So, in a way, ROW 80 and the short went on major hold, because frankly, if I want a life, it's a little too hard to do it this way. I'm crawling back on board again. But only in-between chaos reduction. There's a WIP on the burner, I can move it to the back. The family life is just not as pleasant for any of us when the situation gets reversed!

As a reward to myself for taking the time out for art yesterday, I'll scan the better sketches...a little later. I wish I had something extra amusing to post in light of me playing hookey. In lieu of a clever anecdote to wrap this all up with, I'll just state this, because it makes me laugh.

My sister's first real job in high school was being a rodeo clown.

(ok, a clown at a restaurant for a children's party. she was a cute clown, but a clown for hire nonetheless. This is Slightly more amusing if one knows what a hard-ass, take-no-prisoners, petite firebrand, road-rage blackberry poet she really, truly is. Love ya, sis ;-)

REAL ROW 80 challenge masters, listed below. ;-)



  1. You sound like me. We went on vacation a couple weeks ago and it totally threw my writing all to heck. Cheers we both get back on track this week. Good luck with your summer cleaning. When you get the urge, you gotta do it.

  2. Heya Robin - i'm trying to bribe the hubby to put the kids in tonight so I can give my WIP a teensy bit of respect ;-) Thanks for coming by - don't worry, you'll miss the writing time much to give up on it entirely ;-) Have a wonderful week!

  3. I could not imagine trying to write and raise children. Fortunately my children are grown and out of the house.

    I am sure you will have a better week with your ROW80. I will be rooting for you.

  4. Thank you, Linda - so very much!

    I know for a fact that many women can do it (and it bugs me no end!! ;-) but I also know that I'm not able to do it 'their way' (helluva goal, though!) On the other hand, the story has been there, gathering dust for 6 months. Since December, I've written 3 x what I started with :-)

    If I can keep daily life rolling, and keep pecking at the keyboard, I'll finish it. Did 40 minutes REWRITING the lost scene last night, but hey, I did it. Your support comes at a Very helpful time - thanks so much - it means a lot.

    You have a great week too!!