Wednesday, October 26, 2011

brief update....sometimes

a three year old girl just needs to snuggle her way to her nap.

wrote about 550 words on the WIP on Monday, as hoped. Today I used the free time volunteering at my son's class for an hour, had a bit of time to eat, then picked up my daughter from pre-school. Today has been spent playing catch up on a few items for more activities, but it's all expected. Found the wedding earring I'd feared lost this morning, so i feel there may be a bit of extra luck in the air. Next writing date: friday am. No less than 30 minutes and ideally 500 words. Little by little....

to make today go the way I want to, I'll need a bit of that. And a little more focus (funny, I've YET to find a way to Download That!) So, off the laptop. On to life. More ROW 80 writers below - Cheer them on!



  1. Little by little is what is takes. Good job on making progress. Keep it up.

  2. Brava... one step at at time.

    I loved writing when my children were little. So many stories saved that I would have forgotten otherwise. Love these moments, write them into your WIP in ways, perhaps, only you see.

    So great to see how other ROW80 writers are doing.

  3. You're doing better than I am! See how long it's taken me to catch up to your post??

  4. Hiya Julie! my life with my kids should probably stay as Far as humanly possible away from my WIP, but as any parent knows (including parents of furry kids) such times of closeness only last so long, so when they come, they get First Place :-)

    I'll never feel guilty for putting my kids first, in front of my WIP. But I would feel very, very guilty the other way around!!

  5. Hello again Claudia!the week has been busy, so I don't even know if I can get the weekly update in today, but it's okay, i've been quite faithful, and I need to take the time to sort out the coming week. It's so kind of you and Julie to come by, I'm hoping to return the favor to both of you soon!!

    take care :-)