Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ROW 80 update - way too much writing goin' on!

Hello visitors and friends!

I wanted to make this a chipper, bloggy, friendly and intriguing post, instead, we are doing facts.

Goal - write the damned story for 30 min (minimum) Mon-Wed-Frid, do something about that Artistic Mother project also. Sigh, THAT'S the reason i needed to quit at thirty minutes today .....grrrr.

Monday - had hair appt so almost two inches of evil grey is now Vanquished, I tell you, VANQUISHED. She was able to leave me in peace for 30 minutes and I think I knocked out around 350 words (including the usual deleting/decrapifying process).

In researching bits of my story, I encountered some toxicology information AND discovered that the "King's Purple" dye (Tyrian Purple) was secreted by Carnivorous Sea Snails. No WoNdEr it cost about a zillion dollars to buy!

Wednesday (today) sat down for 90 minutes (thereby missing the entire window for the artistic mother program, not to mention DINNER!)and wrote about 560 words, (including stupid word deletion and more decrapifiying)Most of this writing is connecting the events in varying scenes and making some of the events in the plot make much more sense. In fact, the scene where my MC tries to weasel information out of a police officer with some really dumb and transparent lies finally fits into the story!

So, what's next, new and old friends and readers?

Hopping into the car to score some really fast happy meals for the kids (I'll be subsisting through ballet class on domestic shame and Caffeinated Writer's High, myself) Then, the laundry I never finished putting away this morning (oh, don't call social services on me yet, I had a brutally important dr. appt. which went as happily as I dared hope!)

Anyway, I must fly, thanks for stopping by. Please have a little faith, we may get a short story out by 2011 yet! Of course, you'll all stick around for the rejection slips, right? ;-)

Have a lovely night, see ya Sunday!



  1. You never cease to amaze me with all that you do! Who cares if your kids get Happy least you remember to feed them (if I had kids, I'd probably forget)!! Don't forget you can email me stuff to read :)

  2. Actually, (knock wood)I may be able to mail you something next week. I am most thrilled about finally drawing a connection between the sociopaths and their hideout, as well as how they found it. The hermits lair is finally fleshed out (okay, in the context of the story that sounds nastier than it should).

    Being a mostly-dormant writer for most of August and September is Finally Paying off!!

    Take care, and I hope the rest of your week is terrific!! (also, remember, you have many responsibilities in your life that are, in some ways, more important than mine!!) Thanks so much for popping in, it's always fantastic to catch up with you (hmmmmm five whole minutes! quick, time to bounce to Claudia's!)

  3. Wow! Sounds like you're getting a lot done. Congrats!

  4. Hello Sonia - thanks for putting your smile on my page! I Rarely have weeks like this one (er, okay, stuff is always chaotic, That's not new. Just the writing time!)so the kudo's are a nice way to puff myself up to better myself on my next session!

    i appreciate your visit and am happy to see what you are up to also! Hope your week has been spectacular :-)

    Thanks again,


  5. "write the damned story"- Oooh I like that goal. I may have to borrow that one, I hope you don't mind. ;)

    "decrapifying"- Now that's my new fav word. Actually, I'm in decrapifying mode in my WIP. But it seems my decrapifying process creates residual crap (maybe I need an upgrade?). At least with each run-through I'm finding less crap overall. So I'm happy. :)

    Good luck with those future acceptance slips, or whatever else pops up in your mailbox. :)

    ps "domestic shame"- Oh I like that one too . . I'd borrow that one as a goal, but it comes so naturally for me. lol

  6. Oh you are cracking me up. Don't get too comfy with that decrapifying work or you may end up with an unexpected beta read on your hands!! I wish you a brilliant weekend, free of new domestic shame ( after all, leftovers are quite enough, aren't they??

    Yep, the crap can add up in such odd places. After I invent the " decrapifier" app for the WIPs,, I'll also invent the "crap whacker" to assist in the editing process.

    Cause I have nothing better to always, thanks for the giggles!