Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ROW 80, Round 4, check in one, and sad news :-(

Bottom in chair, hands on keys for 30 minutes - it took two sessions, but it happened :-) I'll be taking my mom out and about for furniture and such things tomorrow, so today was also Take Care of My Floors day. I managed 4 rooms, two sets of steps before I switched to addressing a morbidly obese pile of paper clutter, and worked my way through half.

I'd really like to spend 30 minutes tonight on the Artistic mother program, but there's some unscheduled editing I get to putz around with that has to happen tonight.

I just finished reading the notice that Mr. Jobs passed away, and I think immediately of his exacting genius. Then, I think of his wife, who by definition of purely 'sticking with it' must have been some kind of saint. Then I think about how changed life will be for she and their children, and I say a prayer for them.

Then I think what the future of computing will be with him out of the picture for the next ten years he should have been productive for, and then I say a prayer for us.

We've lost an innovator - somebody who has made modern life what it truly is. I'm both worried and intrigued by who - by what - will fill his shoes.

RIP, Mr. Jobs. The world already misses you.



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  1. Love the wallpaper. The white script is a little tricky to read though. Too bad 'cuz it looks so nice.

    I love your reference to an "obese pile of paper." I might just have to use that phrase. It's perfect!

    Anyhoo, all the best with Round 4.

    Happy ROWing...Stephanie

  2. Now the darker box appears, and I can read the script fine. Go figure!

  3. Hello Stephanie and thanks for popping by! Yes, the load is slow sometime - if ya ever see something just as pretty and more efficient, feel free to drop me a note!!

    The obese pile of, it's really let itself, ok, I have let it GROW! Pathetically, I've found myself heading back to it looking for something and said out loud - I really should do something about this....(Ya think?)

    Thanks for the support for round four, and I'll be stopping by your blog post screen time today is DONE, and Real Time is Calling!! Take care!