Sunday, October 16, 2011

Still trying to stick-to-it!!

hello there! fourhundred bajillion things on my mind to take care of or address today, so short and snappy is the way to go.

Goals - M-W-F - write the story, artiscally mother, check in on rowers, no squalor allowed.

Since Wed. check in happened, I will only report friday actions.

Friday - 643 words on the story, deleted crap, considered mailing to a few readers and decided a teensy bit more plot would benefit the betas and refrained. For the record, that's something over 1000 words for the week - and that practically NEVER happens!!!

No art, except I did iron a face onto my daughter's 'we made it together' dolly. Now we are attempting to glue hair on her head. Squalor was more than fended off - until friday night hit - and it's been a battle against paper stacks ever since. I hopped around to a few row-ers, and tried to converse with other creatives on the wishstudio fb page and site.

(to all those who just jumped over to me and have no idea what the hell I am talking about, I promise if you just show up Wednesday all will be explained. If you are otherwise committed, here's the short version. A nice group of writers called "ROW 80" are trying to encourage each other to write, edit, or publish their writing on a regular basis for 80 days. Knowing that with support, many things are easier, some of us tack additional personal or artistic goals onto the challenge.Sometimes we even make a point of saying what works, and what doesn't! Make sense? S'okay if it doesn't - even on my best days it's hard to make sense and today I am JAMMING!)

This week, Mon. and Wed. are the only good writing days, Friday is a day off with the kids. I wish you all a tremendous week, doing whatever you need/and/or love to do.

Take care,



  1. Hey Shari,

    1,000 words? Kewl. That's Rockin' The ROW!!! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. ROW helps me stay focused because I want to post "something good." ;-) have a great week. ~clink~

  2. your doll project sounds fantastic! i try to keep the creative juices pumping by taking weekly museum trips, but craft projects would definitely put me in that mindset :)

    happy rowing!

  3. Hey a Kerry!!
    Clinky Clinky right back!! Here's to a glorious week! My plate is always filling up with something or other, so nothing new there. Thanks for stopping by, and cheering - I appreciate it, and you, and this row-ing community.

    I hope your week is all kinds of wonderful!

  4. Hello Gina! I ENVY you the museum trips - those are pretty complicated to manage with the kids in tow :-) The doll project is some art 'decompression', actually, and a chance to show my girl that good things don't have to come from will be interesting if I ever get the AM project routinely rolling, i am excited to see if it positively impacts the writing.

    I love when like-minded writers show up, thank you for stopping by - it means a lot to me :-)