Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ROW 80 - Round Four - Goals...seems like I'm really going to do this thing!

Well, if you know me (or have merely paused here, once or twice -  and thank you if you did!) you know that life has had many busy days and nights in the last three weeks, and that writing has been so far on that back-burner that it's already gathered a family of dust bunnies, named them, and married them off.

 So, what the bloody hell do I think I am doing by subjecting myself to routine humiliation again? Falling so short of the damned goalpost I could be an honorary MN Viking!??

The brilliant founder of IKEA, in Sweden, has a lovely quote about "... it's only in our dreams we are perfect...'

Clearly that fella has never had my dreams (nightmares about my own earwax?!!). He said something about the privilege of failure, though, and something critical about keeping at it till you get it right...or maybe just getting it done!

So, since the Muse has been making herself obvious lately, despite my best attempts to scare her off with poetry about 'shitmobile's', I'll throw my hat in the ring. Starting tomorrow.

I have two hours writing time M-W-F mornings, and one hour writing time in the afternoon. Since I have more errands as well, the writing commitment will be 30 minutes, three days per week. 30 minutes per day on those days will also be spent on the (formerly, sadly - abandoned) Artistic Mother program - no, I never did make it out of week 2! The rest of my time will hopefully be spent getting done other creative things - er, DINNER, perhaps??! for my family. They are lovely folks, it would be nice to feel worthy of them more often than usual!

Also, I made a lovely group of acquaintances in the last several rounds. I will commit to 15 minutes/week cheering people on.

That's it, this mama needs her sleep! Especially if I will drag out the WIP tomorrow - imagine what I can figure out about this story of sociopaths, missing people, nasty trucker's, hairy and tiny hermits, and small towns with big dreams....'cause we need more stories like this ;-)

'night all!


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