Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pausing, for a moment :-) just to regroup, recap, and then keep going....

There, I paused, did you?

I frequently feel like autumn should bring me both more, and less, to do. I can spend half a day scurrying around, tell myself I need a break, and then give the to-do list a once-over and realize that there is a whole mess of partially complete tasks, and a nice stack of 'still waiting'.

Being the kind of person who got Sick And Tired of the Foot Surgery Whinefest I indulged in all last winter, I threw my family out the door, drank two glasses of water, and a big cup of coffee, printed out my calendar and stared at it. I added some missing bits, sent out emails and phone calls to fill in some empty bits, and realized I've not yet checked in on the one routine I've held to this fall - ROW 80.

To refresh your memories, I'm writing a long-story/short novella. Horror/spec.fiction is the genre, and it is, at it's heart, a 'don't go into the woods' story. More grunge than Twilight, more rust than chrome. A little bit of Myst thrown in to, just because I love keeping folks guessing...and I really need to work out my influences lest they haunt me forever!  I have been ignoring the poetry - it will keep, but really neglecting the artwork.

For those of you who are not actually following me and landed here by happenstance, I'm also a stay-at-home mom in pursuit of,  hmmm, domestic zen, I guess. Not perfection, not pristine (for that you need my mom or my auntie Jeannie!) My children are in a few activities, and I refuse to allow this unless they 'make the most of them'. Therefore, these meager literary efforts (let alone the domestic ones) get Regularly De-railed by Ballet class, scouts, tae kwan do, homework, and violin practice. I will note from time to time that when I pay attention to the art and the writing, that my children are being raised by wolves. This is slightly more true than you'd think - ever the amateur biologist, my son enjoys organizing 'wolfpacks' for all ages play with the hordes of kids that end up in my yard. This also means that I'm the local RedCross, and I deal with most injuries, hypothermic requests for hot chocolate (we live in Minnesota), and endless glasses of water.

I think the only way i get anything done is by being grateful for all that I can do.

On that note, as per plan, I didn't write or draw a damned thing on Friday. The week still got over a thousand words though, and if that doesn't count for much, well, it still counts for me.

Right now, i need to finish meal planning and calendar catch-up for this week (which is already bloody ludicrous). Looks like I'm volunteering in the classroom during one of my writing days, so I'm guessing i'll only clear about 1000 words this week too. On the other hand, seeing how we are leading up to halloween, I might get a lot more out of my sessions than usual.

Off to it, then. I've got to plan baking days for a Saturday get-together (pumpkin bread, gingerbread cookies, and an apple tart with hazelnuts. Maybe some choc. chip cookies too!) and come up with a plan to have some solid food in my daughters tummy without resorting to mcEvil's even once. I've also got to check in with my lovely neighbor to see what I can assist her with, as her husband is recovering from a long-needed neck surgery. So, time to fly. I'll land here again 'round wednesday.

Take care, and if you find the time to play linky-hop, do check out the writers below, it's a great way to unwind. Send 'em some love ;-)



  1. I'm coming to your house for baking day!!! Hope this week allows you the time you need and want. See you on Wednesday :)

  2. hello Lauren! come on over any time :-)

    this week will be tricky, but I feel like if i just take it one day at a time, it should work just fine. :-) Good luck to you, and see ya here Wednesday (i'll bring the pumpkin bread :-)


  3. Shari, there are days I take one hour at a time. No shame is needing to regroup, plan and just sit and think! I'm glad you see 1000 words as progress--it is 1000 words more than you had last week, so it is definitely progress.

    Man, do I miss baking! How soon can I get to your house--I'll gladly help! *stomach growling*

    Have a great start to your week!

  4. Elizabeth, thanks for popping by and starting my day with a giggle :-) I only have about 30 minutes mon-wed-fri for writing, so there are times (especially after a furious bout with the 'de-crapifier' button) that I only get 300 words per session!

    I have some Big old' word-count envy, as a result. When the wolves can do baking in tidy gloves (keeping their fur outta the tart) I am sure I will make more time in the schedule. Until then, I just keep doing what I am doing. :-) it's more fun then my kvetching last winter, that is for sure!!

    Have a brilliant week, and smack your goals outta the ballpark!

    (then come back for cookies :-)