Sunday, October 9, 2011

ROW 80 check in #2 - success yay. Oh, and shameless quest for help

Good evening, I am attempting speed and brevity - for those of you used to my rambling ways and efforts at spelling, well, try to keep up :-)

Per plan, I am to write 30 minutes M-W-F while dear daughter is in pre-school. I am to also do 30 minutes on the Artistic Mother program those days, and I am also supposed to drop by and visit fellow ROW-ers and Cheer Them On. Lastly, I cannot let the house descend into abject squalor, and people here have to have actual meals at their appointed times. I began the challenge Wednesday.

Wed. - I successfully sat down for 2 chunks of time Wednesday (totalling 30 min.), and posted results. No A.M. projects, though. That project is so far in the dust I couldn't remember what I was supposed to do. Plus, I was really stinkin' busy (er, ok, what else is new.)

Fri. - Researched the hell out of botany (at the local level)for way too much time, then started pecking away. Went for about 45 minutes in one chunk,30 in another, and knocked out ~400 words. Scanned backgrounds for the AM project while sorting through the Evil and Obese stack of paper remaining after Wednesday's decluttering effort. Halfway through the scanning, my daughter woke up. And, I remembered that I was supposed to sketch, doodle, stamp, and paste stuff before the scanning. So, um, I guess I have to re-read a bit to get that thing back on track.

Now, gross plea for help. I need information about how ground/soil composition could affect the toxin properties in certain plants. Without getting too specific here, if anyone has this sort of knowledge base and LOVES to talk about it, I could sure use someone to bounce some stuff off of. If there are no takers, there will be some shameless fictional chemistry invention going on in my nasty little story, and if you read it, and you were in a position to help, I hope you know you've only yourself to blame ;-)

(for those of you without english as a first language, and some of you who are native speakers, that whole thing may make zero sense. It's not your fault, that's alllllll me. Sorry a zillion times for confusion.)

Anyway, that's the wrap up. I truly do have to feed these people, the wolves who usually raise them have got the Night Off.




Cheer on the Row 80 Buddies Below!


  1. Looks like Friday was your best day. I wish I could help you on the soil stuff, but I'm totally clueless on those matters. You could probably write the most outrageous fictional details on it and I wouldn't know any difference!

    Anyway, sounds as if your schedule definitely leaves little time to spare. Hope you do get some more writing in though!

  2. Hello, thank you for coming by! I think I just want to 'get' some basic science right - like most heavy metals are toxic, so it's probably a no-brainer that if they seep into plants that are somehow ingested, *something* bad will happen. I'm just hoping to turn up a *something* that includes auditory or visual hallucinations!

    Thanks for the encouragement and cheering :-), I'm trying very hard to pop around this week to check out new writers/rowers/blogs, it is truly inspiring, but I get caught up in the reading and before I i know it, it's after school time and a scramble. When I need inspiration, I lurk around the ROW-ers all week.....take care, Mistress!

  3. I tend to over-research too. ;)

    Hmm . . interesting plant-soil inquiry. I've collected info on toxic plants for a future novel, but I don't have info regarding the soil connection. I do know that many herbicides and pesticides are absorbed into crops, and subsequently poison the animals- including people- who eat them. I recently read TOMATOLAND by Barry Estabrook. It's an exposé that documents this poisoning in the production of the modern "supermarket tomato."

    Good luck with those wolves. :)

  4. How nice to see you again, Ms. Stewart!

    My toxicology research could get Totally out of hand if I didn't have specific facts i wanted to ferret out - otherwise, research is too much fun to quit (wikipedia sucked me in yesterday on a norwegian explorer - Nansen - a polar explorer, scientist, marine biologist, humanitarian, diplomat, champion skier. And I think I am too busy!)

    Tomatoland and it's ilk makes me hungrier for a house I can have a veggie garden in!! I'm terrified of books like that - shameful, huh?

    I will say that I did find some chemical relationships that fit very well into the plot, but there will be an embarressing amount of 'Making Stuff Up' if I can't find those few elusive facts! I hope your week is marvelous, and I wish you well with your Row-ing!

    As always, ms. Stewart, thanks for coming by!