Wednesday, November 2, 2011

sigh. Under the weather....and the weather isn't even really here yet....

apparently, I have not been as diligent on de-germing my house as I thought I was. Sunday, we realized our daughter was coming down with a cold, and my husband warned me to start taking vitamin C. I did - that day only.

This morning, it occured to me that it was a great day to start 'babying' my immune system (although the cup and a half of homemade salsa I ate Saturday should Really have been working in my favor!!). So, i made a roasted chicken with veggies/rice, homemade (bisquick, anyway) rolled biscuits, and got ready to drink a big glass of water. I'd been proud of myself, mind you - i was drinking water all day, as my vertigo medicine actually tends to make me notice being thirsty!

All that effort(plus grocery shopping, picking up drycleaning, stopping off at the library, doing the pre-school runs, baking brownies, feeding an extra kid at breakfast, and doing the ballet run tonight) has All caught up with me.

I am sniffling, feeling the sore throat, and getting exceedingly grumpy. Did no writing today or monday, and I'm pretty sure I Don't Give a Hoot! Won't be doing writing Friday, as the kids will be home, and I'll be snivvling.

And, you know something, I can tell that you that if you feel even one or two smidgeons healthier than me, than you are doing better than I. Plus, I bet you're not publicly moaning about it!!

so, look for a ROW 80 update next wednesday, I have a feeling that unless my husband gets an extra day off, the writing activities will be superceded by nosewiping duties. Do yourself a favor and clean your computer now.

Just in case :-)

Have a healthier week than I am managing. And, if you've had the thought "maybe I just might want to take better care of myself, well, I'd run with that thought!

Good night,



  1. I will heed your advice. And I hope you get well soon. Vitamin C is good, so is zinc. I'll see you after you recharge your batteries. :)

  2. thanks for stopping by - the batteries are exceedingly dry right now, but they charge up again. Right now, I am measuring success by keeping my daughter's fever under 101! I think I'll just consider myself lucky i got the flue shot, and that this is only an annoying cold!

    I do Hope your writing week treats you spectacularly :-) take care, and thanks again :-)


  3. I hope you and your daughter are feeling better.

    I take vitamin c and echinacea to keep the colds away or squash them when I'm ill.

  4. Thank you, Medeia, I am mostly on the mend but the little one is still sick, off to the dr. it is :-) You and my husband are right! It's always nice to hear tips from others on keeping well.

    I'm only worked up about this because makes it harder for me to care for the family. Let alone that WIP!!

    have a great week, and keep taking care of yourself!! thanks for coming by :-)