Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spinning the Tale, One Thread at a Time

It's a greyish sort of day out there, perfect for baking, thinking, writing. Also, for cruising through paper clutter at about a zillion miles per hour simply because I am tired of looking at it!

The kids will be home with me for Thursday and Friday, so today is kind of a getting ahead-or-on-top-of-it day, since the next two days will be pretty irresistably in the goofing-around category. I am also starting to think seriously ahead about the Christmas holiday, and how to manage the upcoming Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays. Because my husband and I actually took our budgeting seriously this year, we've been able to knock out some longstanding bills, and start filling up the 'holiday' portion of our budgeting. Hopefully, our biggest stress will be deciding between two of the 'right' gifts for people, rather than the 'which-one-is-better-vs-which-one-can-we-better-afford?' 

So, I am trying to drink my water, remain clear-headed, and on track with personal goals, as well as writing goals. Hitting my writing goals helps fire me up about more of my daily routines, so here we go!

(remember, write the damned story 30/day, m-w-f, attempt that artistic mother thing.)

Monday - wrote for 40ish minutes, 638 words. No artistic mothering - i think I need to move that book up to the re-read section of my current reading list to fire myself up on this. Monday was busy with cooking and family time, which is okay by me :-)

Today - wrote for 40ish minutes, 560 words. I am attacking the WIP by going through from the beginning and hitting the 'placeholder' sections so those passages tie into something before, and lead to a future story thread. At some point, sooner rather than later, I need to physically print it out, note how many red-pen question-marks are left in the story, plotwise, so I can make a new list of Stuff To Address. However, that is going to take more energy than is currently on deck (sadly, even cappucino can't give me a shortcut through this kind of effort).

Poetry - there's a site that feels like a decent fit and is soliciting submissions, and I am considering it. Given how much energy (let alone time) it could take to polish/edit/review something suitable, I feel like this could stay on the back burner a while longer. Yes, I am dithering and procrastinating.....I'll let you know what I do with this one, just not today! Too much going on right now :-)

Okay, so almost 1200 words this week, with no writing scheduled Friday. I'll check in on Sunday, and hopefully work in some time to hop around with the rest of the ROW 80 challenge-ers. Because sometimes, that is the only thing keeping this story afloat! Life is funny like that....

Anyway, all my threads are flapping loose, so I will close before the stuffing starts escaping too :-)

I wish you all a wonderful week, and promise to find my head before I start typing next time. Today, I'm only barely 'here'.

Take care,


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  1. Boy, I hear you on filling in the gaps. I'm going through some articles I've written with big "EXPAND THIS" all over the place, and it takes so much time!

    Best of luck with considering the poetry submissions; sometimes one has to follow one's gut. And best of luck with keeping the "stuffing" where it belongs :D

    Have a good week, Shari!

  2. Hello Elizabeth! Don't you always feel happy at your own cleverness, leaving those helpful notes, (in my case, more like "stacks of work to comeback to later..." thanks for coming by...I need to scurry through getting my 'stuffing' together for the day!
    Hope the rest of the week is good to you, and thank you for stopping by!

  3. Ugh. Should not post befor coffee.....feel free to ignore my repetition!