Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well. THAT was unproductive! Er, ROW 80 too, Sorta.

Hello friends, it's your half-assed blogger here. (sighs. sips coffee.) How've you been? Stressed? Pulled in 12 directions? Frazzled?


Okay, then. It's just me.

Well, since you've been kind enough to show up, I'll try to make this witty, and if not witty, brief. Save-up-the-writing-energy-for-something-brilliant-kind of brief.

No, I don't buy it either. How's this for honest, then: Pleading-with-my-son-to-stop-swinging-a-makeshift-lariat-between-keystrokes-kind-of-brief.

Summer days at the orchid house have revealed a few sad truths: #1 - that 2 week effort at tucking the Last Orchid in the garage at night has Not resulted in a bloom spike yet. It's only been consistent for week one, so hopefully we'll end up with two consecutive weeks to test the theory.

#2 That time management thing (particularly the management of enriching things for the kids to do WITHOUT me having to be Too near by) has been a massively pathetic struggle  flop.

#3 That whole daily writing thing is currently bloody impossible.

So, with those admissions out of the way, I think I'll strive (always, at least, I will strive) to transcribe the intro to the troll wife story. It started as a poem but quickly devolved into long-winded babble (nothing new there) and last night at my writer's group, where I attempted to re-work it into a short story, I realized that I am conflicted about my conflict. The irony...

I don't want it to go someplace it inevitably seems to want to go. I'll post some of it later today. Whether or not you want to read it is entirely up to you :-) The flavor seems to go from humor to pathos to grim reality (that was the point where I realized a pregnant troll wife may not be able to help herself from eating her husband.) I'd meant it to be lighthearted and a way to consider differences in an odd couple.....but it went all different.  Finally, on the short story front, the WIP is simmering, and I've not been working at it. I'll have to lift the lid soon though, and see if it, and I, am ready to dive in again.

That's it. Carry on, and thanks for being here. I've missed you too :-)


ROW-ers below!!!


  1. Shari,
    I can so relate to your post. Actually, not to the kids, since mine are 18 and 19, but boy, do I remember; but definitely to the blooming impossibility of writing and to the weird twists that our writing sometimes takes almost against our will.

    I wish I had better answers to offer you, but I do find that sometimes I can work through things on a back burner, so that dealing with the lariat-child may actually crystallize your thinking on the troll wife not eating her husband.


  2. thank you Nancy :-) The answers for "how to DO this" are always gonna be different for everyone - i only got started on ROW 80 because of being trapped on a couch after foot surgery ;-) It's a groove I have to find - good incentive for getting my kids a bit more self-reliant! Thanks for the encouragement - I actually can deal with the possible "Man-ibalism" better than the OTHER direction the story was headed. Yikes. I didn't do igt on purpose - promise. I appreciate you stopping by - take care!

  3. You better be around for Round #3! But even if you pass on this round, I'll still be lurking around the Orchid House and you'll be getting an email from me in the next few weeks :)

    And I want to know more about the troll wife!

  4. Actually, I enjoy staring at futility at LEAST twice a week. The practice is good :-) So, yes, I'll climb aboard and do another ROW :-)

    claudia, I Can't wait for the email!! (I'm currently, groggily, waiting for one medication to leave my system so I can take a Dayquil = bloghop delay.) You're rocking lately, I'll pop by later and check in - you are inspiring, even if I'm unable to capitalize on it :-) If the dayquil works, the troll bits will go up :-)