Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Musings, writing, weather, ROW ROW ROW your WIP.....

Goodness, deluged again. Anyone needing to be in touch with their watery side really should consider a visit up this way. I'm guessing the water table is Quite reloaded, which is good, as July and August are beastly dry. That's right - two and a half months of usable summer. Which reminds me that I need to find a way to grow my own tomatoes - I'm finally mastering bruschetta - (EVOO/diced tomatoes/basil leaves/S&P + ital. bread drizzled w/EVOO & toasted - then rubbed w/raw garlic) and the price of veggies is going UP.

The grey weather helps me think, but it puts me in cocoon mode and that frees-up little writing time - too much else going on. Seriously - on our 10'x10' deck yesterday, I had TEN kids playing with the sandboxes - aged 3-11. Nevermind that I told the older kids "Guys - It's pretty crowded, but if you really want to join them...." Those 3 lasted 8 minutes after I told them they had to make room for the 3&4 yr. olds. What I get for insisting that 'no one gets left out', I suppose.

So, no writing so far this week, plenty of musing. No exercise the last few days either - my baby toe is objecting and I have to find some moleskin or somesuch. I've been crashing hard at night, and my husband (our entertainment director)had 3 neighbor kids watching movies with us until PAST 9. The summer schedule fascist clearly has to show up today, or a good half the summer is going by the wayside.

In the Art dept., it looks like we have 4 Father's day cards to make and two have to go in the mail w/gifts today. I think those will be scans/prints and stamping - good thing I've a few apprentices who need to earn their keep! I'd like to scan one or two of the loose sketches I did at the arboretum and load them here, something new to see for you, anyway ;-)

Ah well - the romantic artistic life awaits. Hauling kids to the farmers market, post-office, baseball, karate, ballet. Making cards, dinner, beds. And hoping the kids get something out of each step of the way. And that way better start now. (The Artist's Way, indeed!) Hopefully I can scrape time out to visit my fellow ROW-ers today - I love the inspiration from their rockin' efforts - check them out in the list below! You never know who you'll want to read next!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I'll be honest, I don't envy your hectic life, but I do envy all the great memories you're gonna have down the road w/ all those kids running around!

    Eeeks! I still haven't mailed my father's day card yet. Do you think I can get away with just dedicating my book to him as a belated gift and call it a day??

  2. tee hee - when I'm in the tub (a goal for the week) I'm so going to be thankful for those memories - I'll appreciate the downtime Much more!! ;-)

    Um, send the card anyway - after you type, print, and FRAME the dedication!!! Then dump all in the mail and cross your fingers!!! Have a great week, I'll pop by your blog later ;-) Thanks for coming by!!!

  3. Oh my word - 10 kids!!! I don't know how you get anything done at all. Good luck this week with writing and the exercise :)

  4. Hiya Lauren - well, for starters, I apparently don't check my comments!!! I thank you for the luck - I think it's time that I set a maximum capacity on our deck. I hope the writing gods are smiling on you!!!!! Have a great week!