Thursday, June 23, 2011

Snippet of the Troll-wife story

As promised, though delayed by a vicious headcold. All I could think when I looked in the bathroom mirror this morning was "What. Exactly. Is your Problem?!" One's body is said to repair itself whilst it sleeps. This one's body clearly Missed the Memo. Damnation.

Without further ado (or is it in this case a Don't? As in, Don't let yourselves get this hateful bug!) a snippet from the untitled Troll-wife story.

"My wife is a troll.

I am not being figurative here - here skin is green as a Granny Smith. Leah - the closest thing to her native name - is taller than me by a good half foot, with silky long hair of a radiant emerald. Unkind things have been said, of course, about her teeth, but I will affirm this - her eyes are kind.

She's known widely around here for her shockingly quick wit, and in the six years she's run our tax firm, the customers have only been devoted fans. And if Leah made friends the same way, her eyes would be, perhaps, more green than red.

A troll's cry is the damnedest thing. She's tried for years, but never managed to entirely shed her Magical self. When Leah cries, I - and everyone nearby - become spellbound, for lack of a better word. How it hits me, is I seem to be under earth, and the moon is setting just past a hole I can barely see in the dimness. The under earth creatures corner each other in the small, echoing tunnels of her home. Where they violently - loudly - tear each other to pieces.

Afterwards, with a shrug of her massive shoulders, she apologizes and whispers, "...friends would be good."

There. One day late and several dollars short, is my snippet - too wordy for a poem, too sparse for a story. A sproutling, I guess.

Off I go to start the day. Woops, in this case, just catch up.

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are :-)


  1. I want to read more about the troll wife! I am sooo intrigued. Will this be something full length?

  2. Hi Claudia - I would like it Very much if it would be a full-length something!! Time will tell, as I mentioned last post, I'm conflicted about the conflict section of the plot ;-) More to come, later, I think :-)

  3. Yea! Seriously, I like the concept of a troll wife. From the short snippet, I just want to hug her and be her friend.

  4. (grins) Thank you Ma'am! I do think she could turn into a relate-able character - i need to noodle a bit about why she didn't stay with her own kind. I've come up with a good idea or two about the typical family structure which could cap-off my conflict.

    On the other hand, I'm stupidly - and Stupidly - taking cold medications so my brain is drifting now. Frankly, i'm not much interested in hauling it back. What a yucky feeling :-( Thank God each day only has 24 hrs!