Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer rituals, time + current event wall of shame + ROW 80

Good morning, friends!

Since the great Northern Lights non-event, the Orchid house has been in a higher gear than usual. For some things, anyway. I've been catching up (to my ultimate dismay) on current events, clearing out baby gear we no longer need, going strong on enforcing violin practice and lessons, and neighborhood momming duties with 1-4 spare kids around each day. Not kidding, if any kid in the vicinity has a problem or boo-boo, major or minor, my house gets hit up first. I don't mind, but the recurring knocks on the door, (starting Friday afternoon at the last bus-stop drop-off), foretell a long, crazy, summer. One neighbor is going to get a talking to, though, because I am Not okay with her 8 yr old son finding a locked door and empty house when he goes home from playing. Grrrr.

I've also found that once you start sweeping your floor more than 1x/wk, it seems to NEED it more often. How the heck does that work? I've also found that the vacuum cleaner wand is a better choice than the floor setting for cleaning the litter box pad. At least, if you don't mean to rip off the first two layers of the rubber pad. And that hanging sorting pockets from Ikea are very good for holding Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, and Bakugan cards.

ROW 80 update - well, I'm succeeding with the exercise plan every other day (more than that and the location of the metal pins in my foot become painfully obvious!). Anyone who doesn't think ballet dancers qualify as serious athletes need to work this video, and post whether you make it past the first 30 minutes! I haven't squished in the writing time yet - clearly I have been too reactionary with my time, and I have to work on that today. Jon and I are getting on the same page with nighttime schedules for the kids, but I'm the one who has to dictate the days. Today's plan involves a big cup of coffee or tea, an uninterrupted half an hour, and my calendar for the week. Maybe I'll find a time slot to build a backbone good for saying "NO" to my kids ;-) I really really miss working on the WIP, but my current priorities are many! And not taking care of them is non-negotiable.

Current events - I am tired of Palin's emails (what the aitch is this 'sposed to accomplish again?) Weiner - if he'll betray someone he loves, what's he going to do for us, whom he does not? C. Anthony - you are a waste of carbon. Jersey Shore - oh get a real job, all of you. Anyone named Kardashian - if being popular is your actual job, you are also abusing your share of carbon. Facebook data mining - you and I are very near to being unfriended, FB, And, no change here, STILL want Toddlers and bloody Tiara's Off the Air. Folks, enter your babies in 'cutest baby' contests all you want. If you win, you get free diapers or somesuch and that is fine. But don't sexualize your 3 year old and start bitching down the road that she won't do her homework. Chances are good she wants to be a Kardashian when she grows up.

It's time to rescue my orchid from the garage (trying to force a bloom stalk by cooling the poor thing in the garage each night for 2 weeks.) We've missed church today, so I'll need to catch the message online later. Wish I had more art or writing to share this week (er, or LAST week), but sometimes life is just

So make it good :-) (woops, check other, more enthused ROW 80 writers below!)



  1. *Applause*

    I've heard of that Toddlers and Tiaras thingy. They're bringing those pageants over here now; it sickens me. I just don't understand the thinking behind it.

    And I soooo wish you were my neighbour! Most of mine ditch their kids outside before 8 and don't let them back inside all day. I'm dreading the summer holidays.

    Love ballet. It *is* hard. I did a very mild version of ballet classes in school, and we all had great legs during our teens from it. I bought a ballet exercise DVD recently but haven't had a chance to check it out yet. I already know how hard it's going to be. LOL.

  2. ACK - NO NO NO. NO Pageanty shows - they seriously don't do this to Irish toddlers, do they??? The show purports the 'behind the scenes' reality - but I ask - who in their right mind wants their gorgeous baby girl ogled by millions each week?!!! Big Dislike!

    Claire, I gotta say it loud and proud - I WISH YOU WERE MY NEIGHBOR TOO!! Come to MN - laugh at the hockey hair! - Yes neglecting parents everywhere are the bane of society - they just don't know it yet! (but somehow their nosy neighbors like me always do...... ;-)

    Puleeeze give me an update on how you do with your vid - I need someone to commiserate with me on developpes!! Thanks for coming by and making me laugh - have a SWEET writing week!!!

  3. Good luck carving out that creative time. We do what we can, when we can :) - John

  4. Thanks John - that's all we can do, really. I can't sit here and pray for 'more creative time' 'cuz with that luck, I'll get hit by my daughter and the 4 wheeler again (who lets 3 yr. olds drive motorized vehicles anyway??!) and actually break something!

    I hope your week is filled with MASSES of trauma-free Art time :-)

  5. My childhood used to be the gathering house in the neighborhood. Except the parents were always home and didn't expect mom to babysit. I miss those old days. Our neighborhood has no other children for my son to hang out with. Since we homeschool I'm used to making sure there's something to do to keep him occupied plus also schedule in my quiet time to write.

    Your whole current events paragraph - amen. Money doesn't buy anyone class.

  6. Hiya Robin - I'm sorry your son doesn't have buddies around. Most libraries and museums have some sort of 'homeschool kids' activity options - maybe your local ECFE would have some resources? Sounds like your going to have to range further for playdates - good luck!

    In general it's good to have playmates running amok, but there are a few that I wish had a bit more attention from their folks! Sounds like you had a great neighborhood growing up - those days are nothing like today :-) Have a great writing week!

  7. my mum was you when I was a child back in the 50's - in fact i had a query the other day on friends reunited asking if i was the girl who's mother threw the great parties they couldnt remember me from their 8yr old selves but they rmembered mum and her open house!!!! you'll be lucky to get much me time I would think but keep on smiling you are a much needed force in the world of kids

  8. Oh Alberta - I grew up too in a house like yours - nothing like it, really! I like to think that I'm cruising into the 'quality, not quantity' phase of summer 'me time'. ;-) Have a fantastic week - thanks for coming by! (you lot are a GREAT diversion from 6 and 3 yr. old conversations)

  9. I love your version of current events. You make me want to start watching the news again :)

  10. hah. Claudia, 10 minutes spent watching the news will drive you right back to the computer!! Hell-in-a-handbasket material. All of it ;-)