Thursday, March 24, 2011

This Little Piggy was a Rodeo Clown.....

....and this little piggy was wrought.
This little piggy was subservient and prone,
this little piggy was not.
And this little piggy cried
"Let this cup be passed from me"
all the way home....

(ode to hypermobile tendons and malformed feet)

(shakes head.  Crumples note up, throws toward wastebasket.  Misses completely, shakes head.
Refuses to walk to waste basket due to throbbing in aforementioned feet.  Then realizes that crummy doggerel was only noted on computer.  Briefly wonders what was thrown.  Starts again.)

"There once was a goldfinch named red
(Looks at wineglass. Curses muse.  Toasts Margaret Mitchell for the famous...."Tomorrow Is Another Day")

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