Thursday, March 10, 2011

Single parenting and writing Don't Mix (er, at least in the Orchid House!)

Arrggh, says I.

I had sole charge of the kids for three days. Yesterday was a full day of Jon being home, and we celebrated his birthday.

I fell asleep on the couch at 9:30 while the kids had their bedtime snacks. While putting the kids to bed, I fell asleep on their floor at 10:10. Didn't wake until my husband - putting away laundry - came in around 1.

So, today, I should be caught up on sleep. And on schedule.

J.K. Rowling, you probably endured a mother-load of mommy guilt while writing your books. Kudo's all around.

ROW 80, I'll get back to you later tonight :-)

Winter poems, back to you soon - there's a submission for a contest I need to enter by month end!

Share the love with other challengers. I bet THEY got something done this week! :-)



  1. Sometimes I complain to myself that I have little time for writing. But then I read blog posts like yours and then I am amazed at all you indie writers who have even less time and then I feel guilty!!

    And need a beta reader, you got one! :)

  2. Giggles :-) Claudia, not having kids does Not equal not having a life!!! Actually, in some ways, you're probably a Lot busier than I am!!

    Had to laugh though - upon his return, Jon asked me "Did you write anything?" He's a pretty hands-on dad, he was mostly joking at that point.

    Kinda funny too, you offering to beta-read puts a bee in my bonnet to GET ON TRACK with the horror story again....(ok, now who wants to assembly my son's lego turtle so I can write?.....;-) Thanks for coming by, Claudia!