Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Check in at Orchid house...slogging, yet again :-)

Oh golly, about 5 inches of snow have melted here in the last week, so it practically feels like spring! Sure, there's still 3 and half feet of snow on my deck....but at least it's not four anymore!

I haven't been thinking of the story much, so just for the purposes of discipline, I made myself put off vacuuming to do some writing over my daughter's nap ;-)   435 words, and my goal for Sunday is 1100.  If I can command two more sessions in the meantime, I will be there. Or, pretty close ;-)

I've been doing more writing than thinking about the plot developments, so I know there's a painful hour of 'how did this get here? When did she go there?  What about ol' so and so?" to go through - just to ensure the plot gets back on track. I've been working hard at getting back into my daily routines, so time escapes me before I even notice.  It's good, and  will help me keep carving out keyboard time, but I concede that today's session was quite a large effort.

Still, I'm grateful to have these problems (isn't there a great saying out there? something like if your whole neighborhood got out, and dropped their problems in a stack for a swap, that once you've seen everyone else's, you'd pay money to get your own problems back?) and after all, the ROW IS a Challenge, for a reason!

That's it, that's all, back to your normally scheduled reading.  Drop a shout out to the talents in the blog hop below - they are working very, very hard :-)



  1. I love that saying about putting your troubles in a pile with your neighbors'. I'm sure it's very true.

    Good luck on weaving all those written bits seamlessly into your plot. Sometimes the weaving process reveals its own epiphanies--"Self, move this paragraph here, make this happen before that which means...oh YESSSSS, why didn't this occur to me before!"--moments.

  2. Woah, you still have snow?

    I've been putting off vacuuming for about a year now. ;)

    At least the plot development will keep you on track and give you easy words when you get a chance to sit down.

  3. I think there's a certain freedom in that writing without a map. True, it does mean more cleaning up during editing, but it also means the words themselves can be the map. Much success as the week progresses!

  4. Hiya Claire G! Please feel free to forward any extra epiphanies to me :-) I'm very 'process-driven' in both my writing and my visual arts, so I'll keep an eye out for inspiration. The 'problem pile' idea is a good one for my grumpy moments! Thanks for coming by - wish I'd shoveled for ya first!

    Claire F - You looked cute hurtling over the snow to get here ;-)! We had our white Xmas, a white New Years, Valentines Day, Presidents day, and are heading for a white St.Paddy's day, and possibly Easter as well!! Expecting a lot of green snowbanks on the day after st. Pat's! ;-) I sure hope what I've been doing is plot development - seems more like building a plot-opus. heh. crack myself up...all those arms.... (what a dork!!!!) The dust will wait for ya, park that vacuum! Good of you to come by!!

    Hello Ben - thanks so much for the boost! Yes, there will be clean-up - hopefully with a red word vacuum!! I'm hoping for better focus anytime soon. Might be reaping karma for calling my muse a 'perverse little tart." ...bad Shari. See you Sunday!