Monday, March 28, 2011

Submissions: Fi-lay Oh Fish-Two, Me- Zip. Me + Muse= Win! (er, I hope!)

Hello again!

I've been battling a few things lately - terrible tummy aches and an escape-artist muse.

Tonight, I've had it with nausea and am swearing off eating fried fast food for the rest of my foreseeable life. If it's fried, it can hurt someone else's tummy.  I'm done with it. I love cooking good food, so why I sabotage two days in a row on something from mcRotten's is beyond me.  Anything that makes me, of all people, not want Good food, coffee, or wine is impinging on my quality of life and it has got to go. Today was a tiring write off and I am not happy.

So, about that muse...

My mom is good friends with a talented writer (and all-around wonderful person) named Sue Crouse.  Sue is married to an all-around wonderful person named Al Crouse.  Al and Sue thoughtfully reviewed one of the poems I did this year - Winter, Act 1.  This was at the request of my mother, who has known them for Quite a long time, and knew they wouldn't mind.  Not only did they review it thoughtfully, they took a solid chunk of time out to do so.  Then, even better, Sue sent a personal note delving into some of her background, and said we could talk poetry any time I wanted :-)

Then, of course, I DROPPED poetry for the short story and the ROW 80 challenge, and delayed...and delayed....and delayed working on her suggested edits.  Until this week.  I printed out Winter yesterday, to re-read it alongside my keyboard.  And felt too uncomfortable to do much about it. However, tonight, with the Dakota County 2011 Poetry Month contest deadline LOOMING, I attacked Winter.  I dug into all of Sue's suggestions (they were Highly reasonable, and completely on-point.)  I then researched a few ideas for other weak areas.  Then I read and re-edited about 5 times.

And, finally, submitted it.

Results will be news sometime in April - of course, I'm going to haunt my in-box to see if a confirmation has been sent.  Next I am going to switch out the laundry (told you today went slow) and, then, I am going to sit down again.

And write a very nice thank-you note to Sue.

(later this week, an update on my second foray into being a Beta Reader, this time for the lovely and talented and exceedingly nice Claudia Lefeve.)


Do yourself a favor and stay the hell away from old scarecrows, shifty cats, and tummy aches.



  1. Yes, filet' o fish is bad. Especially their commercial this year. I have blogged about this...

    Oh wow! Keep us updated on Winter! :)

    And yea!! I don't know about the exceedingly nice part, but I am looking forward to your comments/suggestions!

  2. Tee hee, I'm looking forward to digging into someone ELSE's writing!! My wine is ready, I just have to get through making a roast w/veggies, dinner/dishes/laundry/violin practice/gametime/bedtime/a shower...AND THEN the first pass at the story ;-)I Cannot Wait! I have my cozy new sweater, the warm cuddly laptop, my rocking chair - great reward for dumping my lazy ways!! be in touch soon!