Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Day to Learn New Things....

I've been honored, these last few days, by folks who sent me pieces to review - either for feedback, or just to share what is on their mind. This has taught me a few unexpected things about myself, for which I'm nothing but grateful.

A day or two ago, I mentioned having a talented poet read my Winter poem, her name is Sue Crouse.  She's in a Fellowship program at the Loft (a pretty prestigious writing organization and resource in Minneapolis).  Happily, she shared with me two of her recent poems.  Wow and wow.

Typically, I would have shied away from work like hers. I know she is working through a devastating loss in her life, yet as poignant as her work was, the brilliance of her poems, and the silver lining they offered was far more uplifting than I could have guessed.  It is hard to work through grief and honor it gracefully with any art, but in Sue's hands, the grace, beauty, and love that shines through balances the truth and depth of her pain. Despite my long history of being a chicken of anything sad, sentimental, or emotionally moving, I am thrilled to pieces to have read her work. Expect me to trumpet LOUDLY if she is does readings or publishes anywhere at all :-)

I also finished comments for Claudia Lefeve, the Second beta-read I've done.  What I've learned from Claudia (and my UK crit partner Julia, yet Another Very Talented poet)  is that if I get grabbed by a story or poem, I get REALLY caught up in the review process.  Like, I had to re-word a comment (forgot to tell her this one) because I meant to say 'not sure what you should do with this...'  but what I actually Typed was 'not sure what we  should do with this....' a bit self-involved, here? :-)  There are aspects of her story that made writing look so.....easy.  The writing got transparent, and the story spoke for itself. 

And, that's the way it should be, right?

Anyway, as I get back to sorting out a decent writing rhythm, i surely do hope to practice what I'm lucky to learn from fellow writers.

May we all have pleasant revelations this week!


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  1. Funny, I didn't even notice the "we" part in your comment! I am ever grateful to you for taking a chance on my work...for the time spent reading it and offering up your opinions (which were fabulous BTW).