Monday, March 14, 2011

Dams bursting, damned muses, damn amusing....and ROW 80

Well, I'm back!

After taking an extended break from blogging, poetry, revisions, short stories, and anything concretely related to writing, I feel like I'm getting back, er, in step again. Should I take a moment to apologize for the (hopefully) last feet-related puns?

Basically, what happened here at the somewhat-less-dusty orchid house is the Dr. declared my foot mostly healed. Except, er, don't do much walking yet...and how he expects a stay-at-home mom of two to Not do much walking is beyond me, but that's a digression. So, my Very Few domestic urges (vacuuming, dusting, cooking) have finally been more satisfied than they have in months. Eating better and banishing impending squalor is...pretty danged cool! I'm still falling asleep at the drop of a hat, so, um, I'm trying to keep every damned hat in this house safely in it's place.

The flip side of blossoming domesticity is the Muse is acting pissed off and ignored. Jon and I stayed up late last night,talking, folding laundry, reconnecting. All good things. He went up to brush teeth while I prepped my morning coffee, and guess who showed up in the kitchen, pouting, and dangling inspiration in front of me...

"Get back to the darkness from whence you came" was what I was thinking. What I said was, "So, How ya been? Find anything good for me lately?" (Yes, I was hoping she'd have the ickiest parts of my short story, in basically finished format, all ready for Monday, Naptime.)

"You never write, you never call..." was her response. Followed up with, "You ever wonder how it would go if a human guy married a really nice troll girl?"

I hadn't, actually, ever considered it before. 8 seconds later, the basics of a new poem are flying through my head, and I had to pause - do I do the work of memorizing it now, or do I just take notes? It's after 1, for cryin' out loud!!

Pondering this as I applied moistureizer - for the first time in weeks - I decided to take the basic notes, and write it out later. So, of course I overslept today, wrote some of the poem after lunch and sent it off to my British poetry partner, and got my daughter down for a very late nap indeed. I then spent 20 minutes on the short story - a minimum of which was spent 'de-crapifiying' dialogue, and filled out some missing ideas.

Now, there is a lot of story left, and more editing than I really want to think of. But the story makes sense again, I actually kind of missed it, and I can probably stay in my groove for a while. The ROW 80 challenge is all about making writing a routine part of your life, while assigning measurable goals. I don't think this story will be done by the end of the month, but it will be farther along than it otherwise would have been. There will be furious slicing and dicing to come, because I think I write a bit of 'filler' while I reach for 'what happens next' but as long as I get to the finish line, it will be all right in the end.

The fellow ROW-80-ers below are doing better than I am - take a peek! Who knows what you'll find!!



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