Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Night Wanderers (finally! a new poem!)

Night Wanderers

We sleep, for the most part, together
In our queen. Sometimes in a pair,
Sometimes one before, sometimes
After, each other. We set alarms
Check monitors. We lock every door
Except the one to our room.

Dimly blue, bodiless guide-lights hover
Near our children’s room, ours.
No privacy worries, no barrier
Mounted between their dreaming
Bodies and our ‘sacred’ sleep.
We tell ourselves ‘Just in case.”

Just in case nightmares shatter a dream.
Some sickness or light disturbance
Stealing rest, could invade their sleep
And drive them, determined, our
Way. A door, loose robe,
Could trip us during rescue.

We say, “they won’t need us forever”
And, “they’re only young for so long”,
But, honestly… we fool ourselves
On the nature of our fear. 

Not that they might need us,
But fear they will leave us.

by shari emerson

.....any of you other parents realize this yet? ;-)
have a great day!


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