Thursday, February 16, 2012

off to recharge....

hello all!

It's been a long hiatus, children busy-ness, illness, family worries, and, have usurped the occasional examinations of daily life I'd been posting. These are all normal, but, on top of them, we've kinda sorta started some serious house hunting.

We've been very busy with the daydreaming ;-)

However, what I am busy with - Now Right Now is - getting my son off to school (he's been experimenting with hair clippers 'to save money for a house, mom!!' and getting the bags packed.

For the third time since our children were born, we are getting away together. Alone.

And there's still a bit of packing left.

Ideally, we are coming back rested, refreshed, recharged, and ready for our next adventure. So, there will be more entries coming. I left you a valentine (well, Jon's valentine, anyway) as a token of good will. Even left the last poem up. 

Also, I've discovered Pinterest, by the way, (find me at Shari Emerson). I am using it to track inspirations for future projects, recipes, artists I love, photos I like, and, um, home inspiration too. I'll be adding the gadget to the blog so you can come-and-go at will. Pinning is easier than blogging, I might use Pinterest as an artistic scavenger hunt - set a theme for the week, and pin boards in a series of tracking what my brain is up to...kind of like a scavenger hunt crossed with an evidentiary trail!

That's it for me. I've resigned myself to an ugly midwestern winter, so our getaway may provide a little more of the scenery that I must admit I need!!

Have a lovely weekend...i'll be reporting back later next week :-)



  1. What is Pinterest? I've been seeing that come up a lot. I'm afraid to check it out!!

  2. go there. think 'virtual scrapbook'. Claire Farrell is there too. you will have fun fun fun!