Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow Day...

Good Morning!

The kids have a day off from school, and Winter has cooperated hugely - snowflakes all over the place.

We haven't had This much snow in a month and a half.

The downside is there is a sheet of ice beneath it, so everyone else who has to be on the roads is cursing this stuff. Sure looks pretty when you stay at home, though.

The daily routine will be pretty straightforward. Re-load dishwasher, wake son, fire up some pancakes and sausages, start dough for either cookies or pumpkin bread, round up buddies, and play in the snow. Eat lunch, cookies or pumpkin bread. Consider dinner, then do something about it. Play in the snow some more. Put little one down for her nap, drink another cup of coffee, do a bit of housework. Maybe score some writing time. Tire my son out with reading and violin practice. Take a snow walk with him tonight....

That's my plan.

The universe will probably do something about 'this planning business'.  That's okay. I am giving the universe a little more slack here, as I am doing some major praying and requesting. My sister - you know, the cutesy pugilist with the unstoppable mouth - she's actually on her bottom, in the hospital. With Pneumonia.

Both lungs.

So all this planning and activity is a ploy - to stop myself from hopping on a plane and rushing down there to make minestrone, and lemon-chicken soup, and anything else with more than 6 vitamins in it, and pretending I know how to take care of her. Happily, she has a dr. who refuses to let her go home until her oxygen levels are reasonable. Which, apparently, they aren't. Not even close.

If you pray, pray for sick people today. And their doctors.

And then do one extra thing today to take care of yourself today.

A walk in the snow, an extra glass of water, a really nice salad with dinner, a good conversation with a friend, or a heart-healthy (though liver dubious) glass of red wine (less liver-dubious if you are a coffee drinker, like, ahem, me!) after, or with, dinner. Please do this.

You are more important than you think.



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