Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pay attention, please....

That's what today is for.

My parenting-chops took a rude smack last night, as I idiotically let my son play vids on the new 3ds - for bloody EVER - while we visited my mother. My hubby and I agreed beforehand that we'd leave by 7:30. One extra glass of wine and poor judgement later, we left at 8:15. Contributing 45 extra minutes to his stimulation overkill.

He didn't fall asleep until around midnight.

Even a brand-new parent knows that 8 hours of sleep won't cut it for a 7 year old. Waking him at 8:30, jamming him in his clothes, and shoving breakfast into him while tossing him on the bus will probably not improve his day, either. Let alone what that will do to everyone Else's day, including his teacher's!!

I think I'll see if he's twitching around 8:15, if not, this is probably the day I let him sleep in until 9, drive him to school, and pray for the best. My quandary this morning is proof bloody positive, that if you decide your child's real, physical needs are not as important as your mental ones, you deserve the fallout. Not your kid.
And no amount of art time or writing time is going to help you feel better about it.

Time to send an email to his teacher. I love sucking up my pride, being accountable, and looking like an idiot in front of people I respect.

People I am pretty sure never do dumbass things like this.

I sincerely pray your day takes off better than mine does.


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