Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Begins....Snapshot?

Today it's about scramming.

I've had an odd start to the week (well, of course I did - it's an entirely brand spankin' new year!) and am barely playing catch up now.

The Heritage Writers group happened on Tuesday, one new member and a good productive session. Fired me up to keep hacking at the story, but momentum got stolen by time and circumstance. Even so, it's not out of reach. Just behind a few pressing tasks, I guess.

I have scraped ahead a bit on the Artistic Mother program - very poor progress, but I am pressuring myself to finish the steps I am on This Week. Yes, there will be pictures!! (do forgive the lateness, there are 11 pieces to this one!)

I've gotten interested in exercise again (vaguely) and am paying attention to water-drinking and sleep habits. That could pay off at some point - I will keep you posted.

Music and thought are getting more 'me time' too. Without sounding like even more of a pompous ass than usual, i will only comment here that when I don't sit down and attempt to think, life gets pretty stressful. And if I put on music and think, I actually come out of the moment with a better attitude and, usually, a plan.

Today is about calendar maintenance and getting things done. Writing is one of those things that helps my brain keep up. If you had a real snapshot of my brain earlier this week, you'd be blind not to note that the on switch wasn't.  Fixed that, I think.

All I really want to get out of 2012?


More attentive. More intentional. Much of my life feels like accidental humanity in process. I'd like it to be a little more guided. Especially toward doing for others - which is a wonder at warding off pity parties. 2011 treated me well. I wish to treat everyone else better in 2012. That would make me feel my time was being well spent.

There we are. Time to go, and take care of business for my family - certainly the first group of people I am wanting to treat better! However, I will not go without leaving something nice for you. Please see the below link from 'The Yummy Life". I do not know this blogger, but she is inspiring me to get my cooking ON!! (She takes pretty pictures, too!!)  Check out this lovely, lovely meal: individual Beef Pot Pies.

There, now make yourself an equally inspiring meal. You deserve it :-)




  1. I like the intentional idea a lot. I know the feeling of spinning in the wind and then I forget there are things I can do and say and feel that make any situation better. Less stress and complaints, more being grateful and focused!

    I hope you have a wonderful day!
    Steph :)

  2. thanks, Steph :-) sounds lovely, doesn't it? never hurts me to raise my bar, a bit.

    you are one of my nicest thoughts - I hope your day is a great one too!! (and, yes, hope you are feeling better every second! that shopping trip awaits!)