Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Homefront

And another one down, and another one down, another shelf Bites the Dust....

That's where I've been living lately, anyway. Right in the packing paper, boxing tape, and magic markers. Living five years without a tv did a lot for my reading list, but it really did a number on the book-hoarding compulsion. Now I have little time to watch the tv we do have, since it's all needed to Pack Them Books.

It's a pretty good problem to have. Donating over 100 books in the last year has been wise, both for the tax-return AND for preserving our bookshelves, not to mention preventing our movers from collapsing in despair. Getting rid of un-needed stuff also frees the mental resources to deal with real problems, rather than procrastinating endlessly about a phone call, a letter, a conversation. And I can compete with the best of 'em in the procrastination ring!

A few wise people have done great things, talking about how having "too much stuff' can be a real symptom of  a problem, and I am not talking a shopping problem. I am talking about the 'you are not dealing with it' problem. I'd say my husband and I got into the 'buy your kids too many toys' problem because we weren't super good at relating to our son's intellectual needs. Scratch that - out and out demands. And, to be fair, we were suckered in by the way his face lit up like a Christmas tree. In retrospect, that should have told us something.

Now, we have the 'problem' of teaching restraint, anti-consumerism, and the concept of having enough.

On the bright sight, hey, at least he loves to read!


That's it for now. If I don't deal with my "you are moving in less than three weeks and your house is barely 1/3rd packed" situation, I'm up for a grim moving day. On the artsy-side of things, I am ordering prints today for a special project I am doing. I really want to move on to my sillhouette project (and I still have to post the magical paper airplanes pictures!), but if I don't get the packing into high gear, I won't have time to do it before we leave. I need a few carrots to go with all my packing-sticks (and won't it  be fun to declutter those.....)

I hope you all have a lovely spring week, and get a moment to examine your own home-front for something to attack.

It's another way to dig up some peace :-)

take care, thank you for coming by, as always.


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