Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lead Feet

Not warm ones, either, at the start of this blustery Tuesday :-)

The northern skies seem to chasing the clouds south east today, which is not precisely typical. Since I am forecasting weather with my thumbs lately, I'll go out on a low-hanging limb and say there's a low-pressure system around these parts. Making the skies match my slow moving feet.

I really wanted to be motivated today, but the early spring - Thank You VERY LITTLE, Global Warming - pollen counts are turning into a Major problem for the hay-fever inclined. Get one of these systems in the neighborhood and the sneaky stuff becomes in-escapeable. Mind you, I can't even see the pollen, but the Weather Channel insists it's there, and I am nothing if not a dutiful hypochondriac.

So, anything positive on my plate?

Let's talk houses.

By the time I was nine, I think I had totted up about 5 or 6 different residences - houses, trailers, basement apartments, you get the idea. One of my parents had different ideas than the other about what constituted 'stability'. Considering it took me until the age of 33 to feel like I had some, you can see how well That worked. Between the homes I lived in that were simply unsuitable, to the ones we had to leave because of house payments or rent money in short supply, my experience in houses that felt like 'home' was pretty thin. And I pretty much decided that if I ever settled down enough to have kids, they were NEVER going to endure that!!

Since 2004, my husband and I have been in this townhome, the one we bought while I was pregnant with my son. Since I had very little of my own furniture, for a long time our place felt like it was still 'his'. Over time, we've chosen furnishings together, as we could afford it. The place feels like both of us. Being a corner unit in a quad, we have North windows and a West-facing deck with glass doors. The first floor walls are a creamy yellow or parchment, and upstairs it's all greens, blues, and greys. The basement rooms are greens and yellows too. We have hardwood or tile on the main floor, and colorful art and pottery on the walls. On sunny days, I love to be there, and on grey days, my kids room is my favorite room in the house - we seem to have found the perfect blue for their walls. When I'm tired, my bedroom feels like a hug.

We are moving into a beautiful new home with earthtoned walls - from deep cream colors to light browns. Cherry floors and slate-colored tile on the main level, soft carpets upstairs, deep woodwork and hardware, and light colored doors. Our backyard faces a pond (home to frogs, turtles, a few fish, and some hungry birds!) so I am envisioning a summer of fireflies, froggie houses, and reptile discoveries in the garden. The front of the house has a big deep porch, perfect for drinking iced tea or lemonade, and roomy enough for a bevy of trick-or-treaters.

Despite having all this coming at us in the future, the kids have worries and concerns - who wouldn't? We aren't far from their friends, but not as close as next door. I don't know who can watch the kids in a pinch, and who is incapable of - or flat-out uninterested in - handling it.

This means it's on us - the parents. We need to set the example of friendliness and fun, inclusiveness and adventureousness. We need to show the kids the benefits of having snacks and lemonade at the ready in the kitchen, and a slip-and-slide in the backyard, with batteries in all the flashlights in the garage. The kids need to know that if you want an adventure, you have to be ready in a heartbeat for when it crosses your path (for instance, the one that runs between the yard and the pond.)

Holy crap, I really, really wish I was better at parenthood.

Time to brush up on them skills ;-)

Have a lovely day, everyone!!


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