Friday, April 13, 2012

Snapshot at Orchid and Mayhem

Oh, my. Here is where we sit - starting with the basics.

Health: If great health resides in, say, Baja California, we'd still find ourselves in suburbia, Minnesota. 3 of us down, with Jon as the only holdout in the 'reasonable' health dept. My dear daughter is sporting one tonsil half the size of her throat, and the other about twice the usual size. No strep, but, certainly UnComfortable. With the attendant tummy trouble from having more than a few popsicles since it began. My boy has been feeling off, and is starting to sniffle, and I have everything my daughter does (except the one giant tonsil). To go for the full set, I sent Jon to bed with both kids, so by morning, he should be just as unperky as the rest of us.

Wealth: ohhhhhh, pa-Leeze. This week alone, I bought groceries, paid for my 90% grey roots to be covered, and paid for summer concert tickets, as well as sending the hotel deposit for a Wonderful wedding I am attending this fall. Good thing I bought a lot of kitchen 'staples', because even cheap frozen pizza isn't in the budget next week. I will be using everything in the pantry/freezer to keep me from hitting the market again. April is looking like a Great Time To Embrace Frugality!!!

Wisdom: hmmm. I didn't generate anything of import, to be honest. I rediscovered the great mileage in taking care of myself, with small steps that will make life calmer, which can lead to more joyous moments. I've run across some blogs that I will be adding to the blogroll - there are a few that focus on issues I'm embracing. Learning more about spirituality, trying for art and parenthood with equal attention. Since everyone is on different paths, there is always something someone is learning that not. Never hurts to learn something new.

Food: the only thing that really ticks me off about illness is not tasting - enjoying - food properly. And lacking the commensurate energy to prepare really good stuff. I Think my soup was ok (note to self, chicken breast cooked stovetop on my own, tastes better than the rotisserie-chicken shortcut I usually grab for convenience.) but now I need to make more chicken stock. Oops, more marinara, too. Sigh. Energy would really help here

Homefront: moving boxes are getting slowly packed, but the first order of business is the kids. I am pushing myself to at least keep up with the dishes, the laundry, and the meals. We don't have a closing date yet, so a day or two slowdown is not going to sink the Plan. (hah, there ya were, thinking I didn't have one. I do, You know. It's even in my notebook ;-)

So, if I am not too sleepy - and there is some doubt on that point - I will add the links. Some of the bloggers I am adding are definitely blogging their lives and faith journey, which may not be for everyone. It's a pretty under-represented blog-roll topic for me (in company with foodies and just ahead of underwater basket-weaving) so I will try to label my links appropriately. I don't know what will bring someone here, but it's always my hope to send them off someplace wonderful on a link when they leave.

Take care, everyone.

Do a better job of it than me ;-)



  1. Take care of yourself, Shari. If Mama's okay, everyone's okay. ;)

    Hope the smallies are feeling better soon. Swollen tonsils are wretched.

    Frugality is in fashion, dontcha know. :)

  2. hello Claire!! Yes, let's hear it for not spending money!! The chicken soup did it's work - still no fever for me, and the throat's improved. Now, how to front-load it into the kids!!!

    Take care over there, my writing-fiend friend :-) It's always great to hear from you!!!

    Ps, thought of you when we took our 7 yr old boy to see Gaelic Storm on March 9. My son thinks singer Patrick Murphy is HILAIRIOUS. And a big fibber - guess I need to teach him about 'blarney'. Now he wants to learn Gaelic :-) Let me know if you have a MN-based referral for language lessons ;-)