Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Poetry Reading, Moving, Not Moving

Another sunny morning is on the prowl, which would be sparking summer-itis in most of us, but the brisk - and frankly, chilly - wind has quashed that feeling. Solidly.

The morning breeze would be ideal at the new home with the corner fireplace (just a simple gas one, but it works for me!!) but at the townhome it just makes me want to sit here and drink coffee (ok, nothing new there). I feel a little more inspired artistically than I have in a while, but today is not the day to do anything about it. Too many items on the to-do list.

I took my mom out last night to a poetry reading in Minneapolis at Open Book. There is a group of Loft (a fabulous non-profit Twin Cities writing program) writers that are in the Foreward program, and they've published a chapbook with a few selections each. I've had the pleasure of getting to know one of the writers - Sue Crouse - who is as encouraging as she is creative, brilliant, and inspiring. She's working on a large selection of poems to send out for publishing next year, and I am immensely pleased for her. Despite her range of interests, she has taken time out for reviewing my work and helping me understand ways to better my writing.

When someone like her offers such support, it's criminal to not take advantage of it. So,  after we get settled in, I am looking forward to her input and her advice on the troll-wife poem, and maybe even the 'God's Dremel Tools' piece. Even better, she sometimes sends stuff my way for feedback, which is always enjoyable for me, and quite an honor. I have had the chance to beta-read for a few writers now, and I think I get more out of it than they do!

So, that's new business for me - both the mundane and the extraordinary. Many calls to make and boxes to stuff, so off I go. I hope you find something inspiring this week - maybe it's dinner, maybe it's a new story, maybe it's just the wind inspiring some kite-flying. Whatever that feeling is - go for it. It's a beautiful time of the year.



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