Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Monday Morning, Slacker.

 Well, that's uplifting.

Actually, this is a good time to warn you, if uplifting was what you are needing this wretched morning, I advise you to invest your time in drumming up some helium for your hot air balloon, as the gas-bag resources over here are rather the Opposite of useful.


In August, I invariably consider the Sargasso Sea - time somehow lulls me into what looks like activity, but isn't the same as actions. And so, progress dwindles. Time spent is interesting, but doesn't seem to get me too far. For example, let's see what happened to those excessive to-do's ;-)

If it's deleted, it actually Did get done. Some completed items are still  in the list for illustrative purposes:

Here are this Weeks goals - excuses included:

1. Finish the beta read and fire off comments to Claudia so she can get busy herself! Finished the read!!! Yay! Now need to finish the comments. It's her fault - the story is Nicely complex and Not just one to breeze through. Regrettably, this means that my pondering is ponderously slow. Also, a dead computer - killed off by yours truly in a tragic moment of irony (I was Attempting to smite the cat instead) means I may have to rewrite some of my comments. damn damn damn. Claudia, I am so sorry :-(

2. Scan ANY backgrounds that look reasonable and post today. None of them are reasonable. I may pick three at random and post instead as 'what Not to do'. This Could get done today. On the other hand, Potbellied Pigs could also begin migrating with our Canadian Geese. Update: pigs are Not flying, and this old sad temporary computer might not be one that plays nice with my scanner. damn damn damn.

3.5 - 30 min/day 3 days this week on the WIP. 15 min/day at best - but it was spent with the 'de-crapify' button. Think that works on the art? Update: doodely Squat with any writing since last post. more damns. Oh, hey, I did two small sunflower watercolors on Saturday night. They both have good places and cheesy places, I'll have to use them as fragments (er, the good parts) for the birthday 5 cards I need to make this week. Need to buy replacements at the farmers market Wednesday and hope my technique improves. Oh, for the de-crapifyer....

5. Babysit three neighbor kids on Thursday (probably). Still no idea if this is happening. Oh, it happened alright. 5, not 3 though. Turned away 2 more later in the day and made their own parent watch 'em. Also watered my neighbor's plants for a few days. (Tomatoes are so much easier!)

7. Create layouts for the backgrounds I am creating and scanning, assemble as per instructions. Layouts halfway done. But, it Was the harder half, so this Could happen by Sunday! See the aforementioned pigs.  damn.

10. Find a photo of my 'younger self' for use in next week's project. May just use a photo of my daughter at this point. She looks so much like me at that age even I get confused! Skipping the photo if the scanner and computer don't play nice. Will draw stick figure instead. My younger self had all the bulk of a giant mosquito, so it's somewhat realistic. Since week one is officially now lagging in week 3, there is clearly plenty of time for this one!

11. Browse a few art blogs (I'll Take Suggestions here!!) Alas, I forgot about this. The layouts/backgrounds are actually for an Art Action plan to print up weekly - to keep yourself On Track. Week one of this program is really, really getting long. If you lot don't suggest an art blog or two soon, I may not get past this one.....(see what I did there? Just gave you guys goal number 11! :-p.  And, I must say, it feels pretty good!!)

12. CANCEL football for my son (our set list of activities is filling up!) Cancelled football, signed daughter up for pre-school. My husband's neck may not recover from watching This abrupt reversal. So, yes, mission accomplished.

14. Take a photo of the new orchid in the house. It's very, very beautiful. Need to re-locate the damned camera first. So, yeah. Got the camera, now to use it someday this week.

15. Blog On Time on Wednesday for ROW 80 check-in. See you then!! Fail. And, late for Sunday too.

So, of 15 goals/to-do's for the week, I got through 8. I added a few though:
- try out bike on single-track mt. bike trail - 2x for .8 miles. No blood - yay!
- annoy husband No end friday and feel like an ass about it the rest of the weekend
- spend good amount of time playing sea creatures one-on-one with my daughter
- spend good amount of time visiting kids room last night - count em, 4! so the poor things could get through   the night. I mean, someone in this house should sleep well!
- took nephews and kids to the sprawl of America. Stared at the octopus there too! Yup. MOA has a giant Pacific Octopus.

This week? Well, I promise not to post a damned thing until I knock out a few leftover goals. Especially since it's my turn to lead the Heritage Writers tomorrow night. I think I'll let them work on world building exercises while I work same exercise directly into the WIP. Good plan, eh?

Why else do you think I invented the de-crapify button? ;-)
Hop around at the below ROW-80 blogs - some of these writers will become your new favorites. I promise :-)



  1. well what a week of ups and downs - what happened to the cat? anxious alberta asks!!! did you know pigs might fly is based on fact - apparently sometimes when piglets get too abnoxious for mum pig she puts her snout under them and pushes them away - occasionaly/rarely she pushes the piglet so hard it flies up rather than over - maybe landing on other side of sty wall hence flying - if you didnt know that you are eternaly grateful to me for adding to your store of useless knowledge!! if you knew it you've switched to another page lready - hope all goes well for this week.

  2. heh. cat was already down to 7 lives, he escaped a righteous smiting, so is down to #6. Beast.

    Anyone want a 21 lb. neutered male cat? Black fur, white spots, opens doors with their handles, upchucks dinner at will, practices flight off seriously elevated surfaces daily. cost: something that will make my son forget why he really really loves cats. Something like a pet dolphin, with tank.

    :-)(thanks for popping by and I LOVE the flying pig!! you ROCK Alberta!!!)