Thursday, August 11, 2011

ROW 80 plus A.M. plus Autumn Round-Up - Recipes Included! UPDATE

UPDATE - Only five extra kids today. That's all.....

Well, good morning!  It's bright, sparkly, and not even CLOSE to 107 F. out there. It's also time to demonstrate whether or not the Mayhem has dealt any serious blows to the process of Art/writing/family work. For you newcomers, let's just say that it's 8:21 am, and I...don't actually know if I'm watching the 3 neighbor kids, or if they'll just show up with the other 4 friends that usually show up. Ready, or Not.

Hence, Mayhem.

For those of you Not new, snarky mama Was asked to come along for the post. She said I should be so lucky.

Hence, minimal snark.

On to the goal-post. (oh dear. This is already going downhill....)

Here are this Weeks goals - excuses included:

1. Finish the beta read and fire off comments to Claudia so she can get busy herself! 20+ pages to go - this is a fun read and makes you THINK!
2. Scan ANY backgrounds that look reasonable and post today. None of them are reasonable. I may pick three at random and post instead as 'what Not to do'. This Could get done today. On the other hand, Potbellied Pigs could also begin migrating with our Canadian Geese.
3. Get to the post office with thank-you's for my son's birthday party and some to my folks.
3.5 - 30 min/day 3 days this week on the WIP. 15 min/day at best - but it was spent with the 'de-crapify' button. Think that works on the art?
 4. Visit a townhome, maybe more!  for my mother so she can sign a lease and MOVE HERE
5. Babysit three neighbor kids on Thursday (probably). Still no idea if this is happening.
6. Get house ready for sleepover with 2 of my nephews. This is halfway done - two bathrooms, three floors, and a bit more laundry left. Yay!
7. Create layouts for the backgrounds I am creating and scanning, assemble as per instructions. Layouts halfway done. But, it Was the harder half, so this Could happen by Sunday!
8. Read two more poems
9. Maintain organization of art-supplies Easily done if you didn't make time to USE many!
10. Find a photo of my 'younger self' for use in next week's project. May just use a photo of my daughter at this point. She looks so much like me at that age even I get confused!
11. Browse a few art blogs (I'll Take Suggestions here!!) Alas, I forgot about this. The layouts/backgrounds are actually for an Art Action plan to print up weekly - to keep yourself On Track. Week one of this program is really, really getting long.
12. CANCEL football for my son (our set list of activities is filling up!)
13. Make a meal plan for this week that includes two veggies not related to red sauce Recipes below!
14. Take a photo of the new orchid in the house. It's very, very beautiful. Need to re-locate the damned camera first.
15. Blog On Time on Wednesday for ROW 80 check-in. See you then!! Fail.

 There. That is me, being accountable to you. Good thing you showed up for the witty dialogue and rapier-sharp observations.

Uh, how 'bout a recipe for all your extra tomatoes?

Heat Broiler to HI - put your grate in the upper third of the oven. Turn on that Oven fan. Start a big pasta pot of water to boil. Take about 4 cups of grape or cherry (or roma's, cut into thirds) and toss them (gently!)into a bowl with 2 T. e.v. olive oil plus 2 tsp. sea salt. Cover a baking sheet w/foil and oil that. Broil your tomatoes for 15-20 min on the sheet- shake or stir/turn the tomatoes every 5 minutes. Some - not all - should be blackened in places when done.

While tomatoes are going, heat three T of olive oil (again, use good stuff) to a simmer in a small saucepan. Not Too hot here. Mince or garlic-press 3-4 cloves of garlic if large, (5 if sm./med.). Add garlic and 1 tsp. red pepper flakes to the oil and watch it - let it cook only until garlic is golden brown (not more than a minute - it should sizzle and get crunchy!) pull from heat and let steep. When cooled a bit, put it in the bowl you are serving pasta in.

Those tomatoes done yet? pull from oven, let pan cool on a cooling rack. They can go into that tasty oil when you get a sec.. When water is boiling, salt your pasta water (a BIG pinch, or a half-handful) and Then add your angel hair pasta - enough for 4 at least - whole wheat is pretty good for this. Cook only until al dente and reserve 1/2 C pasta water. Gently toss cooked pasta with your soft and blackened and yummy tomatoes in oil. Add pepper to taste, and also Parmesan cheese - grate between 1/4 -1/3 C into your pasta during the tossing. Got a few slices of prosciutto? slice it into thin strips and toss it in.  There's no way this should be dry, but if it is, a few tsp. of pasta water will help. Top w/shredded fresh basil. This came from Fine Cooking magazine and is pretty much as written. Except they wrote it better.

Right. Off to water plants (mine, plus the neighbors) and see what I can knock out on the to-do list. I love autumn - I cook more, everyone (self included) EATS more, and it's when I was clever enough to get married and hit Italy for 10 days on the honeymoon. I can buy sunflower bouquets at the Farmer's Market for $5, and in general, I feel more creative and in-control. On the other hand, just yesterday I panicked and signed my daughter up for three day/week preschool. She'll be 4 in November, so it Is about time. I'm just a little attached to her, it's probably a good thing for both of us - and Only 7 1/2 hrs/week.

and, who knows, it might help with the writing! Provided I can see the screen through the tears :-(

Yeah. Knew it. Sap like that wakes up snarky mama Every time. Off we go, thanks for coming, and good luck to you on.....everything.



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  1. Ok, wow. You officially win the busiest week of the year award. But busy in a full, good way- I love the detail about $5 sunflowers. Don't you love Farmer's Markets? And Oh. My. Goodness. The heat index is killer. Literally. in the 110s where I live. It does make you wish for Fall. Congratulations on hitting some ROW80 goals too!

  2. heh - Vicki, you have family can take this damned award any time you want!! Last week crept into this week or it wouldn't be Quite so busy. I hate your heat index for you - up so far north, it was - literally - Sickening for us.

    Farmer's Market RULES!!! (and provides oodles of cheap tomatoes, too!) If not for this challenge, it would be easy for me to say 'to hell with the WIP - it's cooking season!!!'

    Back to stuff for me, but thanks for coming by!! Always nice to see your smile - make yourself some Ice Tea and cool down, dear :-) See you sunday - have a great weekend!

  3. Yeah, I'm just now reading your post. I've been somewhere, I just can't seem to remember where!

    Glad you're liking the book! :)

  4. Claudia, I know exactly where i was and it was no help at all! Comments to come this week I promise. It's no reflection on you. This is All. Me. Hugs!!!!