Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Marry That Geek! Plus, What Have We Been Doing With Ourselves?

Let me tell you right now, if your life has Anything to do with a computer - you could do worse than put a ring on that Geek.

My Husband (actually, more of a geek-wrangler than a certified geek) just saved us from - gasp - the Budget-Blowing Expense of a New MacBook Pro! Mostly by playing Betty Crocker with our motherboard last night. The one from the computer that I took out while attempting the nightly smite-the-cat session. (Cat 1, computer 0).  Truthfully, the smote computer died from multiple causes - 2.5 inches of tightly packed dust in the fan vent, one gravity surge (cough) taking it from the couch to the floor, and cracked solder weakening connections All Over the Place.

So, he Googled something (don't know What - dead motherboard? ten fixes for wife-induced laptop woe?) and found that our motherboard is known to act up a Lot. And, that in fact, baking it at 350 for 10 minutes as it is suspended above a foiled cookie sheet on Little Foil Balls softens up that solder and helps it do it's job.  Since we were about to start using it for a door-stop anyway, he cooked it.

And I am using it Right Now. (do I have to say that backing up everything on-line weekly Just in Case is really, really smart....)

So, yeah. If you love a geek, make it legal. If it's currently, for some dumb-ass despotic reason Not legal for you to marry your geek, move someplace you can. Then go back to where you used to live and recruit people to get them dumb-ass despotic laws changed (wow. sounds so easy on paper....)

On to the progress report - hey, there is some!

ROW 80 - 30 minutes on Tuesday of WIP related background work, which dovetailed with the Heritage Writers group monthly meeting prep work. Which actually will happen next week (See what happens when I don't have a computer!) I'm the last person to teach anything about writing, but we're working with some great world-building materials, when I'm more alert I'll post the source - great stuff even if your WIP is not sci-fi or fantasy. Today I am pegging away at my beta-comments for Claudia Lefeve - this was massively derailed by losing the comments I'd already written when the computer died. Not sure why I couldn't recover them :-(.  Anyway, I'm always surprised how much I learn by beta-reading, and it's an honor to be involved in the process. So the WIP might get 30 today.

A.M. (The Artistic Mother) Finally finished de-uglifiying Most of my backgrounds and can move on to stamping the borders and finishing the layout. Today is tricky because my hubby is gone all day long, so I need to position the kids in their happy places to make this Happen. I put some good time in on Monday (the timer really helps) so little by little, I will get there.

Exercise. Sorry, the mountain bike ride Sunday was the last of it. For the rest of the week, running around like a chicken Sans cranium will have to suffice ;-)

Ok, well, gotta wake them kids!

Have a lovely week! Click the ROW 80 badge at left to find some writing buddies to read :-)

And, as always, thanks for coming by :-)



  1. Yes! If he can fix it, put a ring on it. ;) My OH "fixes" things for me through sheer stubborn determination - and plenty of googling, of course! I don't have the patience to even try.

    Sorry you couldn't get your beta comments back. Hopefully starting over won't be too head-melting. I hope the positioning of kids in their happy places goes well today so you can get stuck in. Stay well!

  2. Claire, I wish I had the space here from some of the 'geek comments' on the fix at the message board he found. I was lmfao, rofl! (why do I sound like such a dork writing that?!) Anyway, your kind of humor! AND, btw - you obviously scored in the spouse dept. :-) (very smart gal, you are!)

    Comments are only depressing 'cause I take them seriously and want to get them to her fast - clearly, these shenanigans didn't help. But, I have a plan for the kids (well, not really, I Am a pantser, especially in parenting!!) but I'm pretty sure at this point it involves bribery :-)

    have an awesome week, i'll come by when I can!

  3. I have one too and funny as it sounds, he just did the same thing with my video card last night! I was all excited when he told me he was putting a video card in the oven, I thought "Great! Now I can watch cooking shows while I make dinner!"

    Sadly to say, that isn't what he intended. No kitchen TV for me :(

    Good job on the biking anyway! I haven't even done anything remotely close to that. And with the writing!

    C.M. Cipriani (a fellow parenting pantser.)

  4. Crystal, that is hilarious - what Are the odds?! Easy-bake vids for dinner...;-)

    I'd love to say the mt. biking was really impressive but I have to admit it was not that hard! Time to get my parenting pants on - you know - the ones with the wings on the seat :-)

    Thanks for coming by!!

  5. Uh, yea. I didn't even try to fix my Dell when it flaked out on me a few weeks ago. I took the easy way out and bought myself a hubby isn't a geek, so that's my excuse!

    Love your comments so far!!

  6. I'm a mac user myself and not a geek at all. Which means that I rant and rage every time my wife's laptop acts up. I think she has given up or her laptop doesn't like my foul language so much and is staying in line.

    I hope one of my sons will be a techno wiz but I may be hoping in vain.

  7. Oh Claudia, someone has to marry the non-geeks too!!! Believe me, the mac option was on the table, but we are trying to hold off another year on major purchases :-)

    Glad the comments are workin' for you - I am trying to make them entertaining as well as functional because I am becoming picky with your story!! (again, who do I think I am?!!!) It is still your fault - this is a good-sticks-with-you-story and I don't waste my scant time with anything less....:-) HUGS!!

  8. Gerhi, sometimes the profanity surge actually does fix the cracking solder, but it also tends to make the wife a bit sparky ;-). I'd think that a techie education for the kids might be a good investment, never hurts to have a geek in the family!! I used to be a mac user and was Quite the geek. Alas, if ya don't use it.... ;-)
    thanks for coming by!! feeling any better??

  9. Sounds like a great week! Seriously, he baked it? And it works? Amazing!

  10. Deniz, I would not have believed it - I so thought he was joking!! Yep, it works. I am using it Right Now :-) Thanks for coming by and do GOOD this week!!