Thursday, December 23, 2010

You can lead a group to poetry, but ya can't make them like it. They have to do that part all by themselves :-)

Well, I'm typically the kind of person who can lead anything straight into the ground, but I actually had a bit of fun leading our writers group on Tuesday. We didn't get ejected from the library, not even with all that hot air escaping my mouth, cookies were shared, haikus were written, not one but TWO sestinas were shared, cripes, we even got a song from Tom (GO TOM!!!)  Lou, a lovely writer of children's books, shared her efforts at contacting publishers, and celebrated getting 2 PERSONAL rejection slips, rather than the much less impressive IMPERSONAL rejection slips.  Oh, to be where she is at!!! I've only had one rejection this year, and it was massively impersonal.  It was EMAILED, and was so massively impersonal that I fell asleep from boredom before I could print and frame it!!!  Then I just deleted it in error. Opportunities missed, I guess.  I'm sure there will be more.  I mean, if I can get off my lazy bottom and find more places to submit more, and slightly more polished, poetry.

So, speaking of getting off my bottom, I need to launch myself into the roll-about, assist my so-far patient son with a movie, and start getting dinner and church clothes ready.  I will post properly at some point, but in the meantime, just get yourselves ready for the holidays. Try to have fun doing it :-)

From your addle-brained author,


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