Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I think I need a new plan

And that's what we do at the New Year, right?  My current 'plan' (one I wouldn't recommend, as it Isn't Panning Out) had something to do with increased stamina, semi-easily managed foot pain, and playing with my kids and their Christmas goodies, while being able to cook dinner or lunch each day.  At this point (stitches out), on my other foot, we were 'there'.

What I have instead is a (hopefully) minor infection redding-up the top of my foot. A black sharpie has delineated the 'status' of the redness- if it hasn't receded significantly (or has in fact 'crossed the line') by Friday, it's back to the dr. for me.  I have it elevated, I'm taking my antibiotics, my ibuprofen, and I'm grumbling.  Being couch-bound just wasn't the plan.

Being an allegedly creative type, I should be dragging out the sociopaths and writing more on that.  Or doing some improving reading. Cross stitching, doodling, a puzzle.  My kids are at their wonderful Aunt Paddy's house, having a ball.  My mom is upstairs helping my husband re-arrange our house (I have no complaints- she's naturally organized, and if I don't like something she does, when I can finally walk again I will change it. No Biggie. I need all the help I can get!)  The cooking channel is something like torture since I can't drive to the market, let alone stand and cook.  So, the new plan....

#1 should include a reflection on gratitude - many people are  accommodating my needs, and I need to make a proper plan to show them how meaningful their help really is.  If funds were unlimited, I'd send everyone chocolates for a year from Godiva.  Or flowers once a month, every month for a year.  Or a delivery once a month of homemade cookies for the diet-unconscious, and a delivery of something else for....everyone else? Since funds are limited..... this requires some thought. Happily, it's cheering me up, just picturing me with....that much mobility!

#1.5 really should include inviting various far-flung cousins to come down, visit, and, um, Cook for me! Any takers? Tina?  James?

#2 Should include a new Harry Potter book to read to my son.

#3 Should probably include couch-bound activities I can do with my daughter (colorforms, lacing cards,  stickers, Dora books, coloring pictures, target practice with her big brother as the target)

#4 Should include a menu plan for next week, or my children will have to live off cheerios. In absence of cooking from those aforementioned cousins....

Ok, my plan suddenly became so much less fun.  I think the last part of the plan should also include "no posting until you ditch your lousy attitude!"

Sorry, folks.  I promise, there will be no further posting until there is an uptick in "happy"!! Or in 'really freaking humorous' (and the bad 'rotten foot jokes' from a certain dr. Novak  - better ask Mary if he's a blood rellie!!! - DO NOT COUNT!  Nice bedside manner, doc.) events that make me laugh.  Or, for the morbid types, an unforeseen increase in medical complications.  Those make SPECTACULAR reading, right? or....not.  Okay then.

As you were - I assure you, if you aren't wondering about blood infections today, you are doing better than I am.  As for me, I'm off to work on that plan.  No sociopaths will get worked on until the attitude improves, so the next post should be progress.  Of one kind, or another.... :-)

To healthier days, my friends -


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