Monday, December 27, 2010

A flashy morning in the orchid room - punctuated by whining.

Good morning!

Well, to folks paying attention to weather in the midwest, there should be no surprise that last nights mist birthed this mornings glory :-)  I can only guess that people in the "cheesy special effects department" of a greeting card company are finally vindicated - every needle on the scrawny pines outside is coated with Genuinely, Surpassingly, Twinkling Frost.  I have NEVER seen a frosted tree actually resemble something blasted by the tinsel fairy. I think I've only seen such thickly frost-coated trees on grey days, not blindingly sunny ones. So, for today, for the moment, thank you God for this Robin-egg blue sky, the over-the-top-gorgeous frost, and the breeze stirring it up.  I can live with it being only 7 degrees outside, when the view is this good - er, and also when I'm trapped on the couch.

You'd think with practically unlimited couchtime, something Productive would come out of this site.  Novella updates, Poetry, non-sarcastic descriptive text.  Cool links.  SOMETHING.

What can I say? Well, a really throbbing foot is not poetic.  Dannie Abse made some mighty fine, intense poetry out of medical issues.  Sylvia Plath did too - although I daresay she had the sense not to write it until after the painkillers wore off.  I could blame some of the dearth here on Christmas - the days have been busy, and tiring. Even with my mother beating the pants off the chaos fairy, and my husband on full-time daddy mode, I actually haven't had much 'musing' time.  Let alone 'amusing' time.  I can't always make myself take enough  meds to work really well at obliterating pain, and if I do, I can't string two thoughts together in ten minutes of trying. Holy lord this damned foot won't give up the hurting.  Yikes.

See??? Trying to explain myself in text and my brain gets hijacked by a spike. Think limited, foot specifically, stigmata.  Throb. Throb. dammit.

So, I'm going to set this keyboard aside, and go back to curling up in a ball, waiting for this moment to pass. Ibuprofen eventually works, but the waiting is a beast.  Have a good, pain-free day.  I hope your day brings beauty to leaven your annoyances today.  And, I hope your annoyances are few and far between.

With sparkles and spikes,


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