Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh, boy, I'd really like to write more...but I'm not exactly back to 'me' yet!

Hey folks, a quick note only, for those of you still paying attention ;-)

I am recovering - a little roughly - from an entirely necessary foot surgery.  It's taken more energy than I ever think it will, so actually checking in has been much harder to work up to.  I am leading our writing group (go Heritage Writers, GO!!) on my current favorite writing form - poetry.  This happens Tuesday evening, either well or poorly, so I am trying to shore up the strength for that.  I have very good help in the house, all are pitching in, including my heroic mother, but this has taken a bit of the stuffing out of me.  Which may be good, without excess stuffing, I may have more room for tomorrow's gingerbread cookies - whoo-hoo!

Many things to accomplish tomorrow, then.  I'll dig up fantastic works from Miller Williams (aside from being a ridiculously amazing poet, he's Lucinda Williams' dad :-), probably a few good satire pieces from Dorothy Parker, and send them all home with an idea of why certain writers used certain forms, and why they might want to take a whing at it.  Poetry writing, that is.

So, most of my Christmas cards are addressed, and a few painkillers and antibiotics are waiting.  Nothing fancy, I've discovered my body HATES vicodin!! But enough ibuprofen to help me sleep through the night.

Dream of gingerbread and snowflakes - I'll let you all know how it went later this week!


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