Saturday, December 11, 2010

Life - imitating art. Regrettably, in the Mayhem department. Sigh.

Hello friends and family - we are chilly and crystallized here, in fly-over country :-)

I have been trying - one minuscule step (albeit on a regular basis) at a time - to ready my home for the holidays, by 12/15 - for the simple reason that I will be couch-bound for quite some weeks after that.  To that end, I have been making various dr. appointments, plucking away at cleaning projects, addressing Christmas tasks, and trying to resolve the travelling hotspots (not a computer game, just dealing with revolving chaos magnets in my home.)

Somehow, despite fabulous intentions, my plan has derailed on a daily basis.  This evening, ye old Mayhem meter went utterly bananas - $1300 later, one of my cats is hospitalized, and may continue to rack up surcharges until we are allowed to take him home on Sunday night, or, God help me, Monday morning.

Believe me, despite the mounting temptation, I cannot pretend a vicious bout of amnesia and 'forget my cat'.
My children are young enough to employ the following two brands of logic:
#1 - if someone stays at the hospital long enough - they may not come home.  "Mom, how long Does your Surgery take on Thursday????!!!"
#2 - if you  become unable to control your bladder, and visit the dr., you might not come home. "Mom, I know you're only 78, but the dr. says you might never pee normally again.  I'm sorry, but I remember what you said about Jack when He couldn't pee anymore...."

I cannot, in good conscience, allow my children a deceased feline as an early Christmas present.  I'll either sell 7 lovingly collected Swarovsky crystal ornaments to make up the cash, or pray that the tax guy is more forgiving than the animal hospital and we come out slightly ahead in January.  And pray that this never ever happens again.  I mean, cripes, thanks to this ill-timed emergency, the kitchen was in shambles at dinner time, grocery shopping didn't end until 9:45, my daughter cried nonstop for almost an hour, and here I am, BLOGGING.  In a near-blizzard, and heck, I have krumkake on deck for tomorrow!!!  And gingerbread -5 batches each! This,on no dinner and overstressed stress glands.  One gland is throbbing away even now!

And, regrettably, with one or two exceptions (Chiefly, the 1300!!), the whole sorry week has gone pretty much this way.  Except, lucky for you, no blogging!  (Expect more mayhem starting Monday when I visit the sleep dr. - whom isn't expecting me, and the surgeon Thursday morning, who is.)

So, I leave you with two thoughts.  If you live anywhere in flyover country, I pray your weekend grocery shopping concluded by 9:30 pm, or you likely had a malodorously bad ride home.  And, I pray if you have to drive anywhere between the two coasts of north America this weekend, you only do it for love, or a serious lot of money.

Good dreams, all.  And thank someone important if your pets are healthy.


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