Tuesday, November 23, 2010

...you have to start somewhere

....and this corner looks just fine, right now. 

There are a few reasons I decided to keep a public web log.  The first just has to do with creativity, 101 :-)  In a very, very good book called "The Artists Way", by Julia Cameron, one exercise endorsed is the three pages daily.  First thing when you wake up, grab your coffee or favorite whatever, and just write until you fill up three pages.  If I recall correctly, you are not writing a memoir, a story, or poem.  You are just emptying the contents of your head out your fingertips.  If you have to re-write the phrase 'three pages daily sucks' repeatedly, because nothing else is on your mind, so be it.  If you have to write your significant others' name repeatedly, so be it.  The act and the amount are the only thing that counts.  I should add, the author has a far more eloquent way of putting this.  In fact, go to your library, or her website, or the bookstore and just read anything by her, she's brilliant!!

To bring this back to my original point, when I was more-or-less single, I gave the 3 pages a real run for a few months, and I had powerful results.  Emptying all the daily nonsense out of your head makes room for real creative flow, and my creative output at the time was tremendous.  Although this blog will be, by nature, something I edit for babbling, boredom, and relevance, I do like the commitment of weekly entries.  So, blogging may not be as effective as Ms. Cameron's exercise, but I think it will help.  And, I need all the help I can get!

Tracking my efforts, and being accountable to readers for either sitting on my bottom or doing real work, is the other reason.  I'll try to get on here once or twice a week (which will be quite something in light of children, housework, homework, attempted artwork, attempted writing, cooking, and everyother aspect of parenthood). not just to say, "whoo-hoo, I did 300 words in 30 seconds", but to share the humor I find in trying to do just about anything.  Learning to laugh at myself has helped calm my life, because life has a way of ramping up the crazy. In a way, it's fitting I am starting this on my lovely Siena's third birthday, right before the holiday craziness begins.

And so, to you, my eventual readers, I wish you clear weather, warm clothes if you need them, good family, hard work, and happy rewards. Comments will be enabled, er, once I figure out how to do it, and I look forward to hearing yours.  I appreciate your taking note of this, and I hope to make it worth your time by sharing the sacred, the scared, the beauty, the profane, the occasional mundane, and the ludicrous - all of which play a role in any art I make. 

Onward, my friends, and until next time.


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