Friday, November 26, 2010

Hitting a lick at a snake - an evening post

Anyone who knows me well knows that I've turned to the Flylady website to help me get a handle on homekeeping.  Long story short, I was tired of feeling guilty about housework and shirking artwork as a result.  Since last spring, I tuned into Flylady online (I doubt she is for everyone but I know it works for me) and her website encouragements helps me get more done quickly, and, voila, more time for creative work!

Fast forward to today - I'm using the 15 minute timer method to get some writing done - what Flylady calls 'hittin' a lick at a snake' - she refers to just putting a small amount of effort to tackle something scary.  So, I set my timer after Siena went down for her nap, told Vincent that when the timer went off, we were practicing violin, and I would get some writing done (no, not this blog, either ;-)

Back when Vincent came home from the hospital in 04'.  I would dose off during/after nursing, and these dreams (about some really hateful teenagers) kept coming, except they were in order - they told a story.  Wierdly, there was an actual plot.  This was a technicolor movie-style dream, and I even cast it with a few known actors in my dreams (no, I've never actually met any of them :-) I told myself for about 6 months that I really needed to craft it into a story, and I got as far as a 2594 word outline, in a month or two of writing.  And then life happened and I put it far, far aside.

To sum up, this afternoon I added about 400 useful words and removed about 75 substandard ones, in about 30 minutes total of writing (yes, we did get the violin practice done).  I am going to freshen up my look (having realized that washing ones face daily does, in fact, keep the acne faery away), take a big swig of water, wake up my daughter, and start some chicken piccata.  Oops, chicken piccata, sans parsley.  Then I'm going to celebrate some actual productive work (no matter how tiny) with a good dinner and silly evening with family.  Dear God, please don't give me any more projects to consider for the rest of the day.  Please let it wait until 6:30 tomorrow morning......

Good night friends, I hope your weekend is wonderful :-)


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  1. I'm a fan! Love this outlet for you!