Friday, November 26, 2010

Score one point for self restraint - zero point for motivation

The sparkling day I dreamed of two days ago has dawned, it's postcard pretty out there.  My crystalline blue sky, the slight powdering of snow, and the grimy grass properly covered.  Am I glossing over the fact that this is the coldest frickin' Thanksgiving since 1996? Of course I am! The wind chill factor today is a frigid 2 degrees farrenheit.  Yup, our high today of 21 will feel like about.....9.  For those of you who just try to ignore the math, that's eye-watering chilly, inhale-and-your-nostrils-crack cold.  Recall that water-based liquids freeze at 32 degrees....hey! Let's make ice luminaries!!!!  Anyone know how?  Hmmm...a few ideas come to mind, we'll see if I have success, and post pictures tonight.

Today is a wii-fit, cheerios, and laundry marathon. And maybe some cookie baking.  This ensures that I am finally caught up with laundry and I burn off most of my extra calories from yesterday (I said make cookies, not necessarily eat them.)  I held myself back pretty well, because I typically eat myself into a stupor - I'm having my right foot operated on Dec. 16, so I really want to have all my housecleaning and xmas prep done by then.  A food stupor would not exactly help. Not to mention I feel guilty as hell doing artwork or writing when my house feels like one day of slacking will cause an avalanche of chaos! And ice luminaries do count as artwork -  or, creative work, anyway.

Thinking of the ice luminaries brings the movie trailer for "The Black Swan" to mind.  I encourage folks (of age) to check it out - yes, the story has some seriously twisted elements, but the art direction is jaw-droppingly beautiful.  I am not a big Tchaikovsky fan, but the snippets of Clint Mansel's soundtrack for the movie (based on Swan Lake) are gorgeous and I am going to have to revisit the ballet music.  Come to that, I really want to go to a good ballet someday - it's a powerful demonstration of art intersecting life, and if you think I'm talking out of my hat here, try standing in toe shoes sometime and consider if ballerinas are atheletes or just cute tiny girls in sparkly skirts! :-)

So ice, swans, sparkling snow, ballerinas, candlelight, midnight, moonlight.  Laundry, cheerios, wii fit, chocolate chips.  My day is a study in dualism for sure - what kind of day will you create?

Stay warm, for me :-)


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