Monday, November 29, 2010

Accckkkk! Monday!

Here it is alright.  Monday morning and already I feel like I'm scrambling.  Late night writing idiocy means that I don't even get out of autopilot until 9, and I've already used electronic devices, hot liquids, and sharp pointy things.  Anyone know where I put that spoon (yikes, didn't i lose a butter dish this time last year?)? How 'bout Dora's stroller?  I am serious - I don't think I could even run the dishwasher in this condition! Clearly, today is not a day to cut back on coffee!

Now, because even I have a few autopilot routines I've got the basics covered......but I don't even remember when I got dressed. I think the next step is haranguing my son into getting dressed, checking his backpack to see if there is something we weren't supposed to forget about, and tossing some clothes on Siena.  These tasks right now look to eat up anything from 5-45 minutes.  There's a trip to the dry cleaners ( a code red trip, due to the filthy cats) which will be hotly contested by my son, since it will cut into some video game time.  I have to actually present as a somewhat together parent at Siena's 3 yr. well check, so, I dunno.  Could be a challenging day.  I foresee exactly zero art/writing happening today.  However, grumpy kids is a forecast for a Lot of tickling and silliness, so that's something to look forward to!

I wish you all a less scattered mind than mine today, and as much coffee as you need.

"Once more into the breach, dear friends"
(is that Henry Vth?)


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