Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday is get your bottom in gear day! A list....

of things on my particular plate doesn't make terrifically exciting reading, but it affects y'all personally today!

#1 - THANK YOU, READERS! it's nice of you to come today! And I have one more follower which gave me the goofiest boost of happy - thanks for coming on board, my sister.  You always know how to make me smile :-)

#2 - My Christmas cards are here and I can start addressing them, and IF I may say so, THEY ROCK! If you haven't got a Christmas card from me before, I likely don't have your mailing address  - send it care of this account or send a Facebook message to me and I will be sure you get one.  My holiday happy could overtake my holiday stress any second now - wheeeeeeee!

#3 - I have to make red sauce, meatballs, (extra batches to freeze of course), find the ice rink hours, find Vincent's skates, call his best friends mom to see if an after school date is available, reboot the damn laundry, bless (that's Flylady-speak for 'clean') the bathroom and the living room floors, drink my water, get a quick bite to eat, and.....and....ohhhh crap.  Something else I can't remember, but it all has to come together by 3:30.  Hope I remember what it is!

#4 - All these missions mean about one hour of free time for art or writing tonight - could be the poetry, could be my teeny tiny horror story, could be more rhapsodizing about snowflakes - who knows! Last nights art was simply our paper chain for counting down days 'til the big one, I'll post a pic of it later.

Get your bottoms in gear, folks - do one thing today or tonight that feeds your holiday happy.  I'm mentally just trying to store up this feeling, as the week to come is seriously dreadful - Denny's anniversary is the fourth, and it completely shakes my goodwill to men into small, mean, pointy pieces.  I'm sorry to say that it takes heavy, heavy lifting on my part to not sabotage the mood in the house for Jon and the kids.

That being said, what may help me, this year, is thinking of Denny watching over us, thinking of how he would rate my efforts to impart and share the true generosity of Christmas with others.  My brother gave of himself so generously, and selflessly.  He made time if he understood you needed it, he knew what was important, and what was not.  If I can think of the joy my family may bring to others, it will honor my brother in ways tears could not.  And if all else fails, with my mother's permission, I'll post the infamous Elmer Fudd police story, starring Denny, my fabulous and sadly, recently departed Uncle Tom, my mother, and one police officer who, thank God, is nameless to me.  It's not precisely holiday cheer, but I laugh until my head hurts everytime I read it.

I wish you all a good day - we're at something around 4 degrees right now, so I hope the day finds you warm, cozy, busy, and safe.

Hugs from me to you,


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