Monday, June 18, 2012

In the Weeds

That's a phrase I picked up from my the weeds. Restaurant-speak for - these orders are late, I can't keep up, and people are gonna start yelling...

If my life were a restaurant, well, people are Already yelling, the grass certainly is late, and the thistles are storming the castle - so to speak. I have been trying to responsibly manage the mud-pit that is, in fact, our property. During our monsoon season (you weren't aware that June in Minnesota is sub-tropical???) our topsoil has washed away, the thistles, dandelions, and quack grass have gotten a good long drink, and if not for my new boots, I'd be ankle-deep in something nasty.

We thought that a big perk of our lot was the big back yard. That was our thinking before the basement wall started cracking, and we found that we have to WAIT on grass, until weekly measurements indicate the walls and floor aren't actually moving. In the meantime, we've found that thistles THRIVE on disturbed soil. Moreover, we've found the thistle seed factory is already established across the pond from us, on Other disturbed lots. What this adds up to is my own version of the Roundup Rodeo, every morning - cutting thistles or spraying new ones. Thanks again, Key Land Homes.

(yes, this is me, naming names and blaming away. Especially blaming me for being a dummy and buying a dream house with an Eight Foot Crack on the basement wall)

So, does this mundane nastiness have ANYTHING to do with Orchids? Art? Literature?

Why, yes, and thanks kindly for asking!!

In a spurt of utter escapism, I dove straight into beta-reading for my friend Stephanie J. Grace. She is working on a very...hmm....Unusual, I guess. Love story. It's actually so unique that I am forgetting to comment on it (well, ok, I did email her when I realized she changed a character's name in the second chapter...). And ask anyone - Claudia Lefeve, for one -  I comment on EVERYTHING!! In any case, that's how sick I am of working on the space that will ultimately be my Dream Minestrone Garden. And in case you've forgotten, Minestrone is something I dream about.

However, in happier news, my daughter and I will be working on a fairy garden or two this week, and I hope to even post the pics! I've also written another scene in the horror story, and got feedback from Ms. Grace (love that reciprocity thing!). So, that may help ease me back into that whole 'writing thing.' Also, bless his hard-workin' heart, my husband got our mailbox installed, as well as a snazzy pair of badly-needed drapes in the dining room. We have a west-facing set of glass doors (sans deck, sadly) and he's been getting blinded every meal time. Well, on the days we Haven't had rain, anyway...

There, the morning is running away from me again. Off I go to catch it - after all, isn't catch-up what Mondays are for? Violin practice, and all the usual daily work is a-waitin'....I hope your Monday is at least misery-free, and at most, completely delightful.

Take care,


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