Friday, June 1, 2012


Something to muse on.

With all the brand-new house conundrums and calamities (large and small alike), I haven't been 'creating' much.

Unless you count to-do lists and an occasional dinner-plan.

I've been attempting to get through the days by 'knowing what has to get done'.

This has not been wildly successful. Nor has thinking things like 'I seriously need to drink more water', 'maybe I can fix my vacuum' and 'i wonder when so-and-so will be calling'.

Rubbish is the result. There are some small and specific tasks I have been forgetting - probably, in fact, because they are both small and specific. Not 'pack your son's lunch today or he will starve' important, but important nonetheless.

So, today, the paper to do list comes out. I'm not going the route of Cozi today - that ends up a distraction when I see everything ELSE I haven't got done. My daughter never fully kicked her strep throat, so she has to sit still today anyway. Maybe I can amuse her by zooming around the house and celebrating each 'to-do' wildly and differently every time!

Sometimes, the old ways are the best ways. I don't really want to pack a bag full of disgust and guilt to take through my weekend, so remembering all the little things today that DO make a dent, might be a way to save the whole thing.

Or not.

But I'll be happier for trying.

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend too!!

Take care, and feel the sunshine, at least, for a little while :-)


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