Tuesday, June 12, 2012


good morning to you!

Coffee is on, fireplace is on (as windows are open and summer has chickened out for a few days...)

This is turning into quite the text-heavy blog. I do own a camera, and I would love to brighten the posts up with some new pics, but that usually turns into a 40 minute photo-editing, selecting, uploading process. And if ya'll can donate a few minutes each....well, that would be about what it would take.

The Orchid House is in one of those frustrating...grooves. Although, maybe 'rut' is more accurate. I take out a few art supplies to work on an older project with my daughter, and one supply I need isn't working (spray bottle). I finally began to unpack the library, and realize that until *every* book is out of the box, I can't actually load the shelves in order, because I am loading them differently (starting with nonfiction, by subject) and don't know how many shelves are needed for each subject. I try to catch up on the laundry when the family is out for a bit, and realize Laundry soap is that thing I can't remember to add to the shopping list. Dinner planning gets pushed back daily, until I realize that it's that 'go to the store OR put my daughter down for a nap', binary-type decision.

When's the last time you've taken a 4 year old drama queen with an empty stomach and no nap to the grocery store?

Probably, it's been a while because you don't want to do it Ever Again. Who really wants to explain, out loud, to the sobbing royal that, "no one wants to kill you" while she gasps out...'yes. You are trying to kill me'. while sitting on the floor, looking heartbroken, near the blue cookies you won't buy.

I am so glad that stock boys are Not on the 'mandatory reporter' list.



We met with the landscaper last night to figure out where and what will be installed. While I am excited about installing the garden plot (especially after reading through Jamie Oliver's cookbook - title of which I am almost too tired to look up the link for... oh, heck. It's ridiculously readable, totally worth the effort....got it..Jamie at Home. :-) oh where was I .....Oh.

Thistles. While I am excited about installing the garden plot, there is a thistle forest that's come with the house, and that needs to be eradicated. And, your's-truly (having more at-home time than Jon) has been battling them for two days now. At first, the landscaper was saying....you know, you don't really have to spray them all, you can just get them if they come through. By the time we finished walking him around the yard, he was saying....'wow. There's a Lot of thistles here!' Mind you, this was after he was telling me to spray anything green in our dirt-packed yard, since it was likely a weed or at best, a nuisance. He had no idea.

I would love to bring you art, recipes, and photographs that are cool and fun and compelling.

But really, this week it's all about dusty books and dirty yards. Happily, it's also about making them into something new.

I hope your week is more insightful, more pleasant. That your summer is treating you kindly, and if it isn't, that you are treating yourself kindly. That if you go (as I do) to Pinterest for inspiration, that you come back with a project, and enough time to do it! As for me, I am just hoping to power through this last day of shelving, so I can get back to focusing on the kids. Some days, the time I take with them is the only thing I give them that really, really counts.

Thanks for coming!



  1. Not every week can be creative funness wrapped in glitter. When the time for the heavy duty work comes, there's nothing to it, but to do it! (says the girl who has painted every room in her house,weeded, mulched and planted 4 flower beds, packed up everything but clothing and her computer and is now flying by the seat of her pants into the unknown future).

    Here's hoping next week goes smoother so you can take a break and use a different skills set for a while!


  2. steph, you still haven't given us a play-date.... ;-) I am going to miss knowing you are somewhat-near, when you head off into the next part of your future :-(. I don't think my kids are even after the glittery-funn-ness - I think they would settle for a mom not blasting everything green in the backyard for an hour every day!!!

    gotta be done now, though, no way around it. And, turns out while I was outside, Vincent was teaching Siena mythology from the new library books we got, so that's alright....