Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ROW 80 update....and other snafu's......

Well, as delightful as it was to report success on the easy-bake motherboard fix, the video card on the WIP computer is officially toast. We have purchased a used computer - same model - to pop the drive out of and replace with our drive. Than me, my WIP, and the new scribbly business will be reunited. As much as I am fuming, part of me is relieved.....a little. Focusing purely on the family has its own challenges and rewards :-).

When the new computer arrives (and any guesses how long before That one is sitting on foil at 350?) I'll have more sensible idea of the writing time allocation. Considering that the sick 'puter also holds the pics of my daughter's first full day of school, I am really anxious to get this resolved!

So, in other nonsense, I've gotten a classroom volunteer opportunity that popped up for Friday, 8 new scout badges to sew on my sons new shirt, and some materials to prepare for Sunday school. I also need to make 2 condolence cards , an anniversary card for my dear husband, and start getting my act together for my mom's move-in party.

So, did anything good actually happen?

Well, all the glass jars are off the bottom of the fridge (breaking one earlier made This task a bit quicker), we've eaten out less, and I'm waking up early consistently. This is only important because with my husband sick (and gone most of last night) most of the doing that needs doing needs to be done by 9, and I am getting better at this. Also, despite his illness, when I carted the kids around this week, he took up a lot of vacuuming, so I've had some - sneezy - help. Also, I made time to play one-little-wolf-and-the-big-bad-pig with my daughter, and that counts as very good indeed.

Back to the craziness now, before something else goes flying! I hope everyone has a great weekend coming up, writing, or not :-)



  1. Big bad pig? That sounds like a neat twist! Hope you husband feels better soon. Best wishes with the new(ish) computer. Have a good weekend.

  2. Jaleh, sorry I've not been checking in, but thanks so much for coming by! The computer is behaving, the husband is better, and I'm sorting out my writing goals. I sincerely wish you a lovely weekend and hope to see you 'round here again!