Sunday, September 4, 2011

As If There Isn't Enough Mayhem update

Ok, so I should know better - but I've re-opened the can of scheduling worms and thrown a few curves my own way. Here's the round-up:

ROW 80 - The W.I.P.
I managed to clear the 11K benchmark finally, and feel a surge of.....something going on. The Muse came back or something. This means that I am seventeen times as scatterbrained as usual so you lot are going to have to find your patience and use it if you come 'round for updates :-) I've patterned the next section o' story to mess with and am trying to figure out what day it will go in. Somehow, I doubt it will be Tuesday. Wednesday is a little more likely.

The Artistic Mother:
Welllllllll............we are off track. But, the 6 pages of scrapbooking I did last week kinda-sorta-count. I'll pick two days for that program and let you know how it went.

The get-your-stuff-together/flylady stuff:
The fridge is a thing of beauty, the floors got vacuumed, the laundry monster is almost tamed, and my kids have been amazing with their sleep schedule, so there is time for me to get things ready at night for the morning. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. The thing about flylady's system is that if you read her suggestions long enough, you start thinking ahead a little more, and that really adds up to saving time and trouble.

Still derailed on the latest poem, definitely have offended the muse with the sh!tmobile. Sorry, Muse. Truly.

Started a new horror story. Historical, no less.For the record, I have no idea how to write a historical horror story. But, apparently, that's the story I'm supposed to tell next. We've also signed our kids up for a few more activities and will be moving my mother from AZ to...3 miles away from me - at the end of September. Of course, I'm covering the catering. I'm no where near the planner my mother is, but I've done a few large get-togethers, and it should be doable. Need to practice my short-rib recipe though :-) And, I've signed up to volunteer in our son's classroom one day/month, more if needed. Because I like being busy.

Clearly, I need to adhere to schedules the way I'm coercing my children to. (stick or carrot? stick or carrot?)

anyway, it's time for some anti-mayhem momming stuff. This could include baking.

I hope you all find the fall weather treating you well, and wish you a lovely week.

Catch the rest of the ROW 80 gang below :-)


  1. OMG you do so much! I'd be laid up for a week, no, make that two weeks with just one day of your schedule!!! I'm glad to hear about your WIP, don't forget I get first dibs!!

  2. Hee hee - Claudia - you have like, what, THREE JOBS? Plus Writing? Plus you take classes? PLUS a hubby? Plus Dogs? Plus a HOUSE? PLUS You are publishing and have All That Stuff to deal with (an excellent problem to have!!) you crack me up!

    A Happy Labor Day to all you hard-working folks out there, and all you hard working mom's and dads who are stay-at-homes and work Without a Paycheck!!

    You have first dibs. I really need to fire it up this week. It will take my mind a bit more off my whining about the kids growing up. Really should post a picture of my son's neck sometime. Half a block long, I kid you not.

    Time to make brownies and get the food together for the Labor Day picnic - have a great week Claudia - glad you stopped by!!

  3. you all posivitely exhaust me just reading about your busy lives - well done on all acheived and all the best for coming week

  4. Thanks for coming by, Alberta - I am at the funny point where it no longer feels 'busy'...just normal(?)Now, the trick would be making the Writing daily the Normal, rather than the exception :-)

    You know, what writers like You do!!! have a fantastic week!!

  5. Not that bad. It's three jobs including writing (since I'm now getting paid for it) and teaching classes. So you see? I'm not ALL that swamped :)

    Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!!

  6. Claudia, our day was great, just bittersweet. You working folk need to make sure you whoop it up good when you Do get a day off!!

    Cried when I brought my boy to the busstop too! (Side note, I have heard sirens three times already this morning - it's the first day of school in a fairly small town - what is up with that???)

    Have an outstanding week!! Off to the fabric store, library, and park.

    (not sure if I'm trying to get Siena tired or ME tired for nap!!)

    take care,

  7. Yay for the horror stories. And clearly, I need me some flylady in my life. I tried it way back and never really got past the clean sink. I am an embarrassing failure at all things domesticated.

    Glad to hear the muse returned and congrats on breaking through 11k. :)

  8. Hiya Claire!!! I think Flylady is one of those systems that seeps in slowly and can help whether you realize it or not - it just might not be about the sink - sometimes it's about the computer or the office! I wouldn't say you are a domestic failure (kids are still vertical, right ;-) You just have multiple - competing - priorities. (understatement?!!!)

    I've been 'flapping' for a long while and am barely in routines, but some stick around better than they used to. Interesting note, I read somewhere that good habits are easier to break than 'bad ones'. Which 'splains where i am on my stories! I am not cruising right along on the WIP, but am glad I feel I can push on again. My daughter starts pre-school next week, so that may help turn things around. Take care, thanks so much for coming by! I've been so busy and miss you all!