Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Orchid and Mayhem: Original Birthday Cards

Orchid and Mayhem: Original Birthday Cards:

A New Page of Artwork at the Orchid House Finally - sorry it's taken so long, but the above link should take you straight to them. Click images to enlarge.

The birthdays in August were a great reminder of why I love iridescent watercolors, but it's only fair to warn you that they don't photograph particularly well. Enjoy!


  1. What beautiful cards! You are so talented :)Seriously, I've looke at your gallery and your photos are arwork are stunning.

  2. Why thank you Claudia!! what a nice present to find in my comments page! I'm playing 'beat the clock' on my latest sunflowers - gotta scrape out the time to sketch 'em before they go to pieces :-)

    Have a lovely week - today is the last hurdle of registration (pre-school) so I need to wrap up more paperwork this morning. Really good timing here because the next several weeks are gonna be BUSY!

    Your kind words are like a bouquet all on their own :-) THANKS so much for sharing them!!!!!